10 Best Fluke Multimeters 2024-Buyer’s Guide And FAQ

Have you ever mislead by some cheap multimeter’s reading and got fed up with random fake results? It’s genuinely a big issue for electricians and technicians because inaccurate results can result in both waste of money and precious time.

As we got dozens of multimeter brands and thousands of products, from which it’s so difficult to find a best tool. We can say after our deep research and experience that without any doubt fluke is best among all multimeter brands. Best fluke multimeter is the handiest electric tool in the market which provides ultimate safety standards and accuracy with the laboratory calibration.

For electricians and mechanics, accuracy and safety are the most important concerns. Whether for industry, commercial or general home use best fluke meters can give you ideal performance if compared to any other brand. Even for the challenging auto industry, a best fluke multimeter for automotive can do wonders for you. All its meters come with CAT safety certification, laboratory testing and calibrations. Here we conclude fluke multimeter comparison according to our analysis and past experience. Let’s have a look

Top 10 fluke Multimeters Comparison Table

Image Name Ratings Price
Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter
AC/DC 600V
R 40.00MΩ
Cap. 1000 uF
F 50kHZ

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Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter
AC/DC 600V
AC 400A
R 4000 ohm

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Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter
AC/DC 1000V
AC/DC 10 A
R 50 MΩ
Cap. 10,000 μF
–200 °C to 1090 °C

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Fluke 179 ESFP True RMS Multimeter
1000V AC/DC
R 50 M ohm
F 100 khz
Cap. 10000 Uf
Temp. +400 °C

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Fluke – T5-1000CAL T5-1000
AC/DC 600V
AC 100 A
R 1 kilo ohm

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Fluke 116/323 Combo Kit
600V AC/DC
R 40 M ohm
Cap. 10000 uF
400 Amps AC
Temp. (+) 400 °C

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Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter
1000V AC/DC
Cap. 10000 uF
R 40 M ohm
F 50 khz
Temp. -40 to 400 centigrade

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Fluke 115 Compact Digital Multimeter
600V AC/DC
R 40 M ohm
Cap. 10000 u.F

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Fluke 83V Industrial Digital Multimeter
1000V AC/DC
10 A AC/DC
F 200KHZ
R 50 M ohm
Cap. 9999 uf

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Fluke 175 ESFP True RMS Digital Multimeter
1000V AC/DC
R 50 M ohm
Cap. 9999 uf
F 50 khz

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In this best fluke multimeters review, we analyzed and examined all fluke meters in depth to conclude this list. We made a criterion for every related field so you may choose easily whether you are an hvac technician, automotive mechanic, industrial electricians, or diy enthusiast this blog is an ideal place for you to select a best multimeter for you.

10 Best Fluke Meters Reviews

1. Fluke 117 Best Fluke Multimeter for Electricians

best fluke multimeter

This is the most rated quality multimeter of fluke corporation. The reasons it topped this strict list of best fluke multimeters are its amazing accuracy, reliability, durable construction, and safety measures. While selecting fluke multimeters for you, our first focus was to help you choose right meter for your field at an economical price. Generally, all fluke test meters come with a huge price tag but still, you can find some best ones in medium budget range.

But that demands hours of research and analysis to find those products. We solve your issue, so you can easily one from this list. This fluke 117 is the best affordable fluke multimeter which has amazing ratings and positive reviews online.

Let’s have a look

key features

  • Best accurate multimeters can sense well that what type of load is being tested on them. Best example is true rms sensing which enable multimeters to differentiate between linear and non linear loads and give best results.
  • V-alert technology is a common but very helpful feature for checking live circuits without making physical contact.
  • To make sure that multimeter will not effect sensitive electric circuits like in automotive and electronics low impedance mode is much important, so we can avoid any loss or faulty readings.
  • Auto volt selection, which means you don’t need to set ac and dc voltage before testing voltage. Multimeter can automatically detect if volts are ac or dc .
  • Memory record is available, you can see min/max readings with easy process of one button press.
  • Safety ratings CAT III 600 V , IEC 61010–1.

Things we like

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Backlight for good visibility
  • Compatible with magnetic hanger
  • Surge Protection
  • Bar graph

Things we don’t like

  • Nothing noticeable

2. True Rms 323 Best Budget Fluke Multimeter

best fluke multimeter

Digital multimeters come with a general current testing range of 10 to 20 amps ac and dc. It could be sufficient for home use or some other low voltage systems but more professional uses like industry, hvac and commercial demand more current testing capacity. For this purpose clamp meter is an ideal choice to check amps without making contact and also without affecting circuit’s performance. This fluke 323 is the best fluke clamp meter which comes with an amazing current measuring range and ultimate fluke’s proficiency.

We noticed that many quality clamp multimeters come in more or less of this meter’s price. So that’s awesome when you are actually getting a genuine low budget fluke multimeter with the same price tag as other clamp meters of this ratings. However, the other variant of this meter comes with nist certificate and is definitely on more budget. So the choice is all yours that what you want.

Key features

  • True rms technology which eliminates risk of false readings for non sinusoidal loads. Ensures that you’ll get accurate results for both sinusoidal and non sinusoidal loads.
  • Wide jaw opening comes with capacity to encircle cables upto 30 mm width, amps upto 400 A.
  • Easily accesible hold button is available beside lcd, can help you to freeze readings on lcd to note down them somewhere.
  • Ergonomic design, can ideally fit into your hand and provides you ease during tough work situations.
  • Comes with valid safety regulations like CAT 3 600V, CAT 4 300V , IEC safety standard 61010 1 .
  • Audible continuity sensor can tell circuit’s condition.

Things we like

  • Two Years Warranty
  • Rugged Material
  • Trms Sensing
  • Data holding
  • Safety ratings

Things we don’t like

  • No dc amps reading
  • No backlight in lcd

3. 87-V Best Fluke Multimeter for Electronics

best fluke multimeter

This fluke 87-V is best example of fluke’s legacy. You’ll find some old highly experienced electricians who have had this type of fluke meter for 20 or 30 plus years and still giving accurate results. There is no doubt that fluke products have the capability to survive years and years of careful use. Their sturdy material and drop protections made them able to survive longer.

No other fluke dvm can serve you better in the industry than this rugged industrial multimeter. Medium and high level industries which are packed with all types of electric devices, motors, and circuits like motor drives, electromechanical equipment, soft starters and motors need this type of meter the most. It comes with almost all type of parameters and functionalities required for electrical and electronics troubleshooting.

Key features

  • Has an amazing addition of low pass filter, specially designed by fluke to get supreme accuracy for frequency measurements of speed drives.
  • Switchable display resolution of 6000 and 20000 counts, so you can see minor changes in signal more precisely.
  • Mighty Trms technology for no compromise over accuracy and reliable readings.
  • Comes with an exceptional function of temperature measurements in range of -200 to 1090 centigrades.
  • Analog bar graph can help professionals to find problems with machineries and accessories.
  • Versatility of auto and manual range is much convenient for both pros and newbies in electrical field. So they can set range according to their ease and desires.
  • Wide large lcd equipped with backlight, we found it superbly visible from all angles.
  • Relative mode will help to make comparison of present readings with previous readings record.
  • Backstand helps in handsfree use on workbench.
  • Min/max record.
  • CAT 3 1000, CAT 4 600V

Things we like

  • Comes with warranty
  • More features
  • Durable
  • Low pass filter
  • Auto/man range
  • Heavy duty
  • Support stand

Things we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Low amps range

4. 179 Fluke Auto Ranging Multimeter

best fluke multimeter

Some people see fluke multimeters only for industrial use. That’s not pretty true you can use it for general home usage, diy purpose, and training purposes also. We would like to add one more thing here. We noticed that it’s even better if you start your electric troubleshooting journey with fluke meters because in that case there will be no issue of annoying false or bogus readings. False or stray readings can deviate newbies and may result in serious damage to costly devices or machinery.

So for having reliable results best fluke multimeters like this 179 ESFP is a must have thing in your tools bag. We liked design and shape of this meter then other products in the market. Slim body provides comfort in gentle grip during work at heights, wide lcd has large display numbers and symbols so anyone can read it clearly even with low eye vision. This multimeter is built with special hard rubber material, which makes it shock resistant and minimizes the risk of severe damage during falls from heights.

Key features

  • Has fluke’s supreme accuracy with true rms sensing ability. Laboratory calibrated and tested after rigorous testing process.
  • A thermocouple probe is included in package, through which temperature can be checked up to 400 centigrades.
  • Flexibility to operate it on auto or manual range with your choice.
  • Auto hold is an amazing function, it can sense higher or irregular readings and hold it at once to let you analyze it.
  • Lcd is decored with backlight, helpful to read results in low light areas.
  • For engineers bar graphing is so beneficial feature. They can check heavy motors, elevators load history.
  • Min/max/avg records
  • Safe to apply at heavy load installations like CAT 3 1000, CAT 4 600

Things we like

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Faster response
  • Temperature measurements
  • Best in budget
  • Bar Graph
  • Durable
  • Rubber material
  • Auto Power off

Things we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • A bit larger in size

5. T5-1000CAL Best Fluke Ohm Meter

best fluke multimeter

If you are in search of a handy home use multimeter then this fluke voltage tester may be a best choice for you. It’s so simple to operate it, even a school level boy can use it with a little learning. Comes with only most needed electric parameters like current, voltage, and resistance. You certainly noticed sometimes that current range of common DMM can’t fulfill current loads of some home applications. For that purpose, a clamp meter is one and only choice to go for.

You don’t need a next level multimeter with capacitance, duty cycles and true rms type features for general and home use. One more thing which we like in this best fluke multimeter is its ability of auto volt detection. Which made it able to automatically detect whether voltages are ac or dc and show relevant results. You can also say it fluke smallest multimeter other than fluke 101 which is quite small in size.

Key features

  • Comes with nist traceable calibration certificate, so no doubt about its accuracy and preciseness.
  • Auto detection of voltage, which means you don’t need to set ac or dc voltage first before testing voltage. Multimeter will sense automatically and show you result.
  • Open jaw current measurements are so much beneficial for safe amps test. Newbies and electrical internees can measure current with complete safety. You only needs to place live wire within its open jaw to read current.
  • Continuity could be checked with assistance of sound beeper.
  • Auto shut off feature should be included in all multimeters. It’s so important to conserve battery life.
  • It’s rugged design and hefty built material enable it to withstand 10 feet or 3 meter sudden fall without major loss.

Things we like

  • Nist calibration certificate
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Auto power off
  • Drop protections
  • Probe storage place

Things we don’t like

  • Lack of backlight in lcd
  • No dc amps test facility
  • No resistance measurements

6. Fluke 116/323 Combo Kit

best fluke multimeter

This fluke,s multimeter is a complete combo kit feasible for every type of electric and electronics work. It contains fluke 116 multimeter and an amazing 323 clamp amp meter which could be used to find high amplitude currents effortlessly. Fluke 116 is best for hvac work, as it comes with built in thermometer with a good temperature finding range. You’ll also get a magnetic hanger for handsfree use of multimeter and a supportive carrying bag to transport kit easily anywhere.

What else we can expect besides this amazing package, a best fluke multimeter with standard fluke clamp meter only in single deal price. In day to day work, professional electricians have to deal with versatile electrical applications like hvac, automotive troubleshooting, general home use, and electronic circuits testing. For that purpose they have to carry a DMM and clamp meter same time, this fluke kit will cut the extra burden on their budget for it.

Key features

  • 323 clamp meter has true rms sensing power for voltage and current, so there should be no doubt for its accuracy. You will enjoy accurate readings on non sinusoidal signals.
  • If you worry about safety considerations of multimeters before buying them, your concern is true . We also want all meters should built according to standard safety ratings like in this 323 clamp meter which are CAT IV 300 V/CAT III 600 V.
  • Awesome 116 multimeter temperature measurement function made it best hvac multimeter.
  • Nice addition of micro amps feature to test flame sensors performance.
  • Low input impedance is like a gurantee that multimeter will not effect circuit’s performance and also eliminate risk of stray or ghost voltages.
  • Rugged built material with compact design and adorable color contrast.
  • Min/max/avg records available for research purpose.
  • Analog bar graph.
  • CAT 3 600V.

Things we like

  • Two in one package
  • Comes with warranty
  • Handsfree operation
  • Loz mode
  • Carry bag in package
  • Large lcd with backlit

Things we don’t like

  • Don,t have motors drive measurements.
  • Only micro amps dc current.

7. Fluke Dvom 233 Remote Display Multimeter

best fluke multimeter

In some industrial applications, electricians have to work in hazardous areas, moving machinery or high arc zones. In past, they usually do it in presence of another person as a safety measure so in case of any misfortune he can turn off the switch instantly. Anyhow that’s not the real solution, electricians should be at safe distance from danger zones.

For that purpose, this remote display best fluke multimeter is an ideal option. It has a magnetic display with wireless technology which allows the display to show readings at safe distance up to 33 feet of 10 meters. It can be conveniently mounted anywhere with your choice.

One thing we noticed is that its batteries drain a bit fast even when you power off meter after work. If you want to conserve batteries for a long period don’t forget to remove battery after done with your work.

Key features

  • In industry and other fields where electricians have to deal with both linear and non linear loads same time, a general multimeter can’t do it accurately. But with True-rms technology this meter is capable of doing any test precisely.
  • With help of thermocouple probe, you can check temperatue in range of -40 to 400 degree centigrades.
  • Removeable magnetic display with low power wireless technolgy, mountable at any position from testing location in range of 33 feet or ten meters. It reduces risk of arc flash and let you do work from safe distance.
  • Comes with battery charge time of 400 hours.
  • Has high range of voltage and capacitance measurements.
  • Min/max and average record .
  • Extremely helpful to take measurements at hard to reach places, physically separated panels and switches.
  • Covered by rubber moulded protection to save meter from free fall damage.
  • CAT IV 600 V , CAT III 1000 V

Things we like

  • Three years warranty
  • Wireless display
  • 6000 counts reading
  • Auto power off
  • Auto/manual range
  • Alligator clips in package
  • Safety rated

Things we don’t like

  • Battery drains fastly even when off.
  • Expensive

8. Fluke 115 Best Fluke Compact Multimeter

best fluke multimeter

Have ever you think why people love fluke multimeters? Why do they prefer fluke on all other brands? We think the only first answer to it is accuracy. Fluke is the authority when it comes to accuracy, moreover, they manufacture their products in the state of the art environment with the same quality and standard in all products. Rigorous laboratory testing and calibration is another plus point.

This best fluke multimeter can fulfill all your basic needs of electric and electronics testing. Presence of all primary function buttons like hold, range, min/max, and backlight on main interface provides much comfort for the user. It comes with zippered camouflage bag which can assist for easy transportation of multimeter and accessories.

Key features

  • True root mean square sensing ability to ensure supreme accuracy level.
  • Lcd is large in size , decored with bright white backlight which helps to read results in poorly lighted areas.
  • 6000 counts display.
  • Comes with hard point test leads.
  • Safe to use at heavy load installations like CAT 3 600V, but we recommend to work on high tension systems only after getting proper trainings.
  • Resistance, continuity and capacitance tests.
  • Signal fluctuations records available.
  • Holster comes in package to protect multimeter from accidental damages.

Things we like

  • Manufacturer,s warranty
  • Durability
  • Silicon test leads
  • Carry case in package
  • Safety measurements

Things we don’t like

  • Unviewable lcd from some angles.
  • No vfd readings

9. Fluke 83V Best Fluke Industrial Multimeter

best fluke multimeter

80 series fluke multimeters are just amazing for general and industrial use. This 83 V digital multimeter has many useful features like autohold, relative readings, and rms readings. We liked its design and built material. Generally, all fluke meters has a compact body, that’s why they have weather resistive ability.

In case if you are a newbie or just want to do minor electric tasks at your home to avoid heavy maintenance bills this multimeter can assist you at best. The reason behind it is, its quite simple and easy to understand operation process. This multimeter comes with the flexibility of auto and manual range which means you can run it with your choice. If you don’t know much about how to operate meters manually you can run it with auto range and solve issues quickly.

Key features

  • Could be used to measure current, voltage, capacitance, frequency, resistance , continuity and many other basic functions
  • To analyze fastly changing or unstable signals deeply analog bar graph is just a blessing. In 83 V bar graph has amazing speed of 40 samples per second that allows more deep overview about signal behavior.
  • Versatlility of range, both auto and manual ranges provided.
  • Safety ratings of Category III upto 1000V and Category IV upto 600V.
  • Relative measurements to do comparison of present results with past records.
  • RMS readings ensures accuracy at best level.
  • Overload protections are vital for multimeters protection. This multimeter can withstand 8000 hazardous volt spike , you may check system and reduce risk of surges and spikes during load changeover faults in industrial circuits.
  • Built with safety ratings according to electrotechnical commision standards I.e IEC 61010 .
  • Holster comes in package for meter’s body protection against environmental hazards.

Things we like

  • True Root mean square readings
  • Sturdy outer
  • 6000 counts display
  • Alligator clips in package
  • Test leads caps
  • Faster sampling speed

Things we don’t like

  • Limited warranty of 30 days

10. 175 Best Fluke Multimeter for Electronics

best fluke multimeter

This is another best fluke multimeter that succeeded to get a position in our list. It’s a pure professional meter that can sort out complex automation and electronics issues. If we talk about its specialties then we would like to tell to about its multiple language availability first. Yes, you can enjoy interface in english, spanish, french and portugeese languages. So if anyone is not so good at english this meter can solve this issue and give you opportunity to operate it through your mother language.

We liked its slim body shape and heftier but soft made material . Ergonomic design helps in gentle grip and comfortable usuability. It comes with classy fluke,s accuracy and durability. One more thing which we admire for this fluke variant is lifetime warranty. Only few meters come with lifetime warranty so this is another edge in buying this fluke compact multimeter.

Key features

  • Categorical data of signals under test is available in form of bar chart or bar graph. Sampling speed is also so good which is 40 times per second, allows you to analyze in more depth.
  • Presence of multi language interface, so you can run it with your choice.
  • 6000 counts display large lcd.
  • True RMS readings means no compromise over accuracy, ideal for industrial use where electricians has to deal with both stable and non stable loads.
  • Proper signal readings record available, you can check what was maximum, minimum and avearge values.
  • Versatlity of auto and manual range.
  • Meter is enclosed in high impact overmolded case, which provides extra protection for damage against shocks and sudden drops.
  • Safety certifications CAT 4 600V , CAT 3 1000V.

Things we like

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multilingual interface
  • Easy access battery door
  • Display hold button
  • Protective cover

Things we don’t like

  • Lack of backlight

Best Fluke Multimeter Buyer’s Guide

What to check first before selecting a best fluke multimeter for you.

Although fluke is a best reliable and trustworthy brand in the field of multimeters. But that doesn’t mean that you should close your eyes and choose any one of its products. You still have to do some research work and examination before making a final decision. The most important factor regarding this issue is your area of use if you want to buy it for general home use if you are a professional guy or contractor who wants a compact fluke multimeter.

The most important checkpoints before making a purchase are,


There is a minor chance that you have to claim fluke warranty. These multimeters already come into the market after a series of test points and laboratory calibrations. So it’s very rare that you’ll get a fault in your fluke meter. But rare does not mean that it can’t be happened.

In our opinion, you should carefully read the warranty, its terms, and conditions before buying a fluke multimeter. We had to mention one important thing here where many people got confused. That is warranty origin, which means if you are purchasing a meter that is not manufactured in u.s or suppose some other country you’ll not get a warranty for that meter in that specific country.

In simple words, you should buy a meter which has warranty in that country where you are currently living. Also, focus on terms and conditions of the warranty.

Features and functions

That’s another important point which should be focused on before selecting a product. In this matter, everyone should see that if their required functions and features are included with right range or not. Also, see reviews about the working and performance of that feature.


In fluke multimeters safety is not a forgotten matter. All their meters come with proper overload protections, body protections and various other safety ratings. Carefully read that your multimeter should have safety considerations according to required job applications. Like using a meter for CAT installments, the multimeter should have related safety certifications.


Accuracy is not such a simple thing, if you are thinking that you’ll get a multimeter with 100 % accurate results then you are wrong. Every tool has some margin of error, however, all best quality multimeters are more or less near to error free in readings. Now the question is how to check which meter is more precise than the other. It’s another complex query with no exact answer.

In short, we advised you to avoid cheap meters which are so bad at results. You’ll lose more money on maintenance than you save by buying a cheap multimeter. Whatsoever standard required some cost to spend.


If you ever got a chance of driving some old fashioned manual car you’ll find the difference between auto and manual driving. It’s just the same in case of multimeters where some come with only auto or manual range. On other hand, some fluke multimeters have the flexibility of both auto and manual range. Definitely, if you are not a trained electrician you should go for an auto range meter which can save time and effort.

Experienced electricians and technicians don’t bother much with ranges, they can also handle it manually well with excellent skills.

How to use Fluke Clamp meter

Fluke clamp meters are awesome tools that give accurate readings for ac and dc current. Clamp meters are safer than digital multimeters in case of current testing, as with clamp meters there is no need to break circuits to check amp value. Below are some simple steps by which you can easily check current with the fluke clamp meter.

  1. First of all disconnect leads from clamp meter, as there is no need of leads while drwaing current readings.
  2. Now after turning on clamp meter, turn the switch dial to the required function either ac or dc amps.
  3. For ac amp open the clamp jaws and insert the cable or conductor inside jaw and closed it to rest condition.
  4. Then check readings on lcd screen and repeat if necessary.
  5. If you have a clamp meter having dc current function too, don’t forget to push zero button before dc amp test.
  6. After ac measurement wait for stabilization of readings then push zero button to prepare meter for dc tests.
  7. After that do the current test same as before.

More to see. Learn about using fluke multimeters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ,S)