Best Multimeter for Electricians and Electronics Engineers 2021- Expert Reviews

Suppose you are a soldier fighting in midst of battlefield, what will the most important things for you there? Definitely the weapons and safety sheilds. Similarly the best multimeter for electricians is the most important weapon for electricians in the battle of electric troubleshooting and fault finding.

Right multimeters can save our precious time by giving quick and accurate results. Only error free readings can lead trained electricians to solve problems, depending on quality of multimeter. There could be many question in your mind regarding qualities of best multimeters.

Don,t worry we will answer all your queries in our reviews. It,s not so simple to tell what you should see in a multimeter, it depends on nature of different electrical and electronics fields. You also needs to focus that your multimeter should have all the required features for your job.

Image Name Ratings Price
Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter
600V AC/DC
R 40.00

F 50khz
Cap. 1000 uF
Check price
Fluke 376FC True-RMS Clamp Meter with iFlex CAT III 1000V
1000V AC/DC
1000A AC/DC
2500A AC by iflex
500 mV DC
60.00 Kiloohms
Cap. 1000uF

Check Price
Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter CAT III 600 V
600V AC/DC
10 A AC/DC
200 ma
600 mv
R 40 MΩ
Cap. 10,000 μF
check Price
Amprobe AM-570 Industrial Digital Multimeter with True-RMS CAT IV 600V
IEC certified
1000V AC/DC
R 60 Mohm
F 60Mhz
Cap. 60mf
Temp. -40 t0 1000
Check Price
Klein Tools CL800 Digital Clamp Meter CAT IV 600V
1000V AC/DC
600A AC/DC
R 60MΩ
Cap. 600uF
F 500khz
Temp. -26 to 538
Check Price
600V AC/DC
600A AC/DC
NCV 600V
R 40.00M Ω
Check Price

In our reviews we concisely discuss all functions, features, positve and negative points of multimeters so you can easily choose one from them. By reading detail reviews you,ll be able to decide which multimeter can fulfil your job demands.

Lets have a look,

Best Multimeter for Electricians Reviews

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

best multimeter for electricians

Top in our list is fluke,s most reliable and accurate 117 digital multimeter. We believe no one can serve you better other then fluke if accuracy is your first concern. This multimeter comes with many usefull features with robust body, making it an compact durable multimeter.

If you are fedup of using unaccurate multimeters and had tried many but not get satisfactory results then now is the time to relax and buy this multimeter without any worry. We are sure you,ll love to use it having supreme precision and nice user experience.

It comes with worthy true rms technology which guarantee its accuracy for all types of loads including sinusoidal and non sinusoidal loads. As it have low impedance mode, so there is no need to worry that ghost or stray voltages can effect readings. Also you,ll get extra safety and overload protections for testing heavy loads.

Due to its auto volt detection ability you don,t needs to switch voltage parameter ac or dc everytime before conducting test, it will automatically detect whether the voltages under test are ac or dc. You just have to set selector wheel to auto-volt option before using auto volt function. There is built in non contact voltage tester present in it, through which you can safely test voltage presence in circuits without making contact.

Sometimes we forget to notice readings on multimeter during test to check behavior and fluctuation of signal for some specific time period. After that missed shot we had to wait again for that time and test again, but if you luckily have fluke 117 with you it will record fluctuations like minimum, maximum and average values of signal for you to see anytime after test.

This best fluke multimeter has stylish ergonomic body shape with elegant color scheme and design. It has large lcd with backlight which is so helpful for using it in areas with poor light or darkness.

One thing we noticed that its lcd display is not clearly visible from all angles. It can annoy you to read screen from some specific angles, we would recommend makers to please correct this flaw in this ideal digital multimeter.


  • Warranty
  • Accuracy
  • Lcd with backlight
  • Compatible with magnetic hanger
  • Robust body


  • Annoying display view

Fluke 376FC True-RMS Clamp Meter with iFlex

best multimeter for electricians

This fluke 376FC clamp multimeter is equipped with latest features and technologies. It provides you extreme accuracy with advance level communication methods. You can connect this multimeter to your smart phone with help of fluke app or pc through software.

It records all results efficiently to your cell phone and also to cloud. It means all your team members can see realtime results and can communicate with each other without being at same place. Along with all these amazing faeatures you can also send reports of records via email through this extra ordinary clamp meter.

This best multimeter for electronics engineer is the only clamp meter in market which comes with flexible current probes or iflex, logging facilities and remote measurements all in one meter. The flexible current probes are extremely helpful to check high currents at congested areas and high risk panels where you can test loads from a safe distance.

This iflex or flexible probe comes with a good dia, can be used for extra large conductors with heavy current loads.

This true rms multimeter can be connected to your phone, so you can monitor circuits and take readings from a safe distance to arc zones. It,s really a smart multimeter with next level advance technologies package. It could become communicator between troubleshooting and maintenance team so they can see realtime updates sent by this logging multimeter on their mobile apps.

This awesome multimeter has heavy current and voltage detection ability. You can test ac and dc current upto 1000A and ac/dc voltage upto 1000 also. Using iflex extension for current testing amazingly enhance its current detection ability to 2500 amps ac. Thats why it could be the first choice of electricians for using this for industrial installations.

This multimeter is purely built for pro electricians who want to do their tasks in smart way with communication and collaboration of whole team. Managers would like it a lot for giving them live access to see response and reports so they can issue orders without being present on the spot.


  • 3 year Warranty
  • Trms
  • Extra amps and volts detection
  • Connectable to mobile by app
  • Safety regulations
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Expensive

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

best multimeter for electricians

In our list of best multimeter for electricians we focused to choose only those multimeters which are extremely reliable, accurate and have valid safety standards. Because of having electrical and electronics background we know that what,s mean by safety and accuracy by electricians. So thats why we set a strict criteria and include only those multimeters which comes under it.

This fluke 115 is another best compact multimeter by fluke. It,s much lighter in weight and medium in size having slim ergonomic design. Electricians working in field will love to use it due to its small size and easy to carry design. You can use it reliably for checking voltage, current , capacitance , frequency and many other parameters.

True rms assures its ultra premium precision on all types of loads, also its low input impedance plays a important role for having noise less accurate results. You can consider it for checking dc micro and mili level signals also as it has resolution of 200ma to 1 A and 600mv.

You may test validity of a wire or fuse by indication of audible beep which helps to find out where,s the problem in circuits. There,s proper record section in multimeter which stores data for signal fluctuations . Electricians can see what was top peak load, average and minimum load of the signal anytime after test.

Fluke 115 will not disappoint you if you are fond of user friendly robust body multimeters. It can serve you for years and years without any issue, with same accuracy and precision. This series of fluke,s multimeters are tested and calibrated in state of the art flukes and third party labs. They also comes with internationaly valid safety certifications.

When it comes to body structure, you will get a wide lcd with clear display and backlight. There,s a button for backlight so you can easily power on backlight in dim light areas. You can set range from range button which is present just under lcd screen. It,s upto your ease whether you want to run meter with auto or manual range.


  • Warranty
  • Accurate readings
  • Backlit lcd
  • Easy access battery door
  • Durability


  • Nothing noticeable

Amprobe AM-570 Industrial Digital Multimeter

best multimeter for electricians

Amprobe is already known by professional electricians for producing one of best multimeters available in market. This digital multimeter can be a good cheap in lue for fluke 115 or 117 series meters. It has all the features with latest technologies which may be required by industrial electricians.

We highly recommend it for electricians working in industries where they had to cope with heavy running loads, automation system troubleshooting and general maintenance operations. It,s decored with mighty true root mean square features which enables it to give accurate readings for non stable loads.

In industries with high loads, variable frequency drives and soft starters are used to run heavy induction motors smoothly to avoid excess torque load. General multimeters has no ability of testing loads of motors and devices with distorted waveform. This amprobe multimeter has low pass filter, which make it perfect to use it for checking current load on vfds and other applications with distorted waveform. Without low pass filter we can,t get accurate results for variable frequency drives or vfds.

Due to addition of temperature measurement facility, it,s also can be used for hvac setups. You may also check capacitance, resistance, voltage, current and other parameters for hvac installations. It comes with two k-type thermocouple plugs and temperapture adapter helpful for checking temperatures. Due to true rms it will give ideal results for compressors and other hvac motors also.

When it comes to body shape, material and facilities included amprobe am570 will surely not disappoint you because of its many beneficial function. A flashlight is present at top of meter to provide light whereas needed, a carry case provides ease in its transportation and velcro strap is also included in package so you may hang it to panel or somewhere else during work.


  • Warranty
  • Accurate
  • Auto power off
  • Built in flashlight
  • Dual reading
  • Backlit lcd
  • Low battery warning
  • Carrying case
  • Velcro strap in package


  • Slow response in auto range

Klein Tools CL800 Digital Clamp Meter

best multimeter for electricians

Professional electricians working in most demanding fields needs to check heavy currents also with other basic parameters like voltage, resistane and capacitance. For this purpose they should have a best clamp meter with 500A or more amps testing capacity. It,s even more bettter if a clamp meter like this klien CL800 has all parameters of a common multimeter alongwith calmp amps so no need to contain two separate meters for electric testing.

This clamp meter impressed us with its more responsive ineterface, accuracy and compact design. It,s so slimmer in size, can easily fit in your palm and you can take it in your work uniform pockets. Having adorable color scheme make it nicer in looks also with advance level reliable usability.

You can also do contact less voltage testing with beneficial addition of NCVT function in this clamp meter. Ncvt button is arrayed with other main function buttons above lcd screen. Range can be selected whether you want to run it with auto or manual range of your desire. It also comes with proper memory record system which tells you about fluctuations, ups and downs of signal waves. Min/max memory record can be check anytime by an easy access button available on main interface of multimeter.

This clamp meter comes with many useful features like true rms technology, low impedance mode, temeperature testing ability and noticeable safety regulations which ultimately makes it a best clamp meter for electricians.

One thing we noticed and had to share with you for our unbiased reviews, is its little bit fluctautions in temperature readings. It roughly has 3 to 25 farenhiet error while giving results for temperature.


  • Comes with warranty
  • Backlit lcd
  • Built in worklight
  • Auto power off
  • Optional magnetic hanger
  • Safety rated
  • 2 meter drop protection
  • Low battery indicator


  • Little bit error in temperature test

IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC. 61-746 Clamp Meter

best multimeter for electricians

The next best multimeter for electricians which meets our strict criteria and got position in this list is this ideal clamp multimeter. Clamp meters are always first choice of electricians because of having high current measuring capabilties alongwith other basic parameters. This clamp meter has reliable performance abilities for ever changing industrial needs . It can also serve you as your electrician,s tool kit vital part for general home use or DIY electronics.

Many people don,t want to pay heavy bills for solving minor electric issues in household electric systems. For them this best budget multimeter could be gift if they had some basic knowledge of using multimeters they can check quality of power supply, current drawn by appliances and many other minor tasks. Also the electric enthusiast or DIY hobbyist will love to use it due to its user friendly easy to handle interface.

As this clamp meter is an auto range meter so you don,t needs to change parameters on multimeter everytime before conducting tests. There is ncv non contact voltage button on front of meter which can help you to find voltage presence. Voltage presence can be checked by pressing ncv button while keep meter,s tip near to any circuit, bare switch, extension cord and live live wires. If voltage is there meter will buzz to let you know.

One annoying thing we notice that ncv button sometimes get stuck to on position if pressed gentlty and all other functions will not work until the button unstuck from that position. But you can avoid this situation by using buttons softly and carefully.

This meter is compatible and safe to use for CAT 3 installations upto 600v but we will recommend you should not deal with heavy duty installations without proper training and safety.


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Low battery indicator
  • Overload protections
  • Carry bag in package
  • Accuracy
  • True rms sensing


  • No backlight in lcd
  • Averagre quality buttons

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