10 Best Hvac Multimeters 2021 Reviews and Guide-Winner Fluke 117

Hvac systems needs more accurate and reliable results for right troubleshooting. In most of cases there is no space for breaks in hvac systems due to extreme weather conditions during warmest or coldest days. Only a best hvac multimeter can assure you constant hvac performance. Now problem is how one can find that which meter is suitable for hvacr work . We found solution for you, just have a look on reviews given below.

Whether you are a profesional hvac technician or diy hobyist you,ll need a precised and good quality hvac multimeter for your tool kit. From which you can check correct magnitude of voltage, currents , resistance and other parameters of hvac.

Your search for best multimeter for hvac ends here, as we had concluded a list of top 10 best hvac multimeters by industrial level electrical and hvac staff self testing and examination.

Top Hvac Multimeters Comparison Table

Image Name Ratings Price
Fluke 117/323 Kit Multimeter and Clamp Meter

CAT IV 300 V
AC/DC 600
10A AC/DC 400A AC
R 40.00 MΩ
Cap.1000 uf

Check price
UEi DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter

CAT 2 1000V
CAT 3 600V
400 A AC, 2000uA DC/AC
R 40 MΩ
Cap. 4000uF
F 10Khz

Check Price
Fieldpiece Stick Multimeter for HVAC/R AC 600, DC 200
AC 400 A
R 200kΩ
Cap. 200uF
Temp. -34 to 93 °C
check Price
Amprobe HVAC Multimeter AC 750, DC 1000
AC/DC 10 A
R 40 MΩ
Cap. 4000 uf
F 10Mhz
Temp. -40 to 1000 °C

Check Price
FLIR HVAC TRMS Digital Multimeter with Temperature

AC/DC 600 V
AC/DC 10 A
R 60 MΩ
Cap. 10,000 uF
F 50Khz
Temp. -40 to 400 °C
Check Price
Fluke 325 Clamp Multimeter TRMS CAT III 600 V
CAT IV 300 V
AC/DC 600V
AC/DC 400 A
R 40kΩ
Cap. 1000 uF
F 500 Hz
Temp. -10 to 400 °C
Check Price
Triplett 6-in-1 CAT IV 4000 Digital Multimeter 600V CAT IV
700V AC, 1000V DC
R 40 MΩ
F 10Mhz

Check Price
IDEAL 61-744 Clamp Meter

CAT IV – 600V
CAT III – 1000V
AC 750V , DC 1000V
AC/DC 600 A
R 10 MΩ
Cap. 660uF
F 400Hz

Check Price
Fieldpiece LT17A Digital Multimeter AC/DC 600V
AC/DC 200mA
R 20 MΩ
Cap. 20kuF
F 40Khz
Temp. -34 to 750 °C
Check Price
Greenlee DM-810A
CAT IV 1000v
Voltage AC/DC
Current 10 A
True RMS
Check Price

It,s not easy to say which multimeter is best for hvac systems, but we can check it by analyzing the features and results of different meters. We can check all multimeters one by one, and process may take hours to days.

This may be hectic for you to waste your money to test all meters. Don,t worry you don,t need to waste money and spend hours in research and testing as we already had done it for you.

In hvac an electrician had to come across almost all type of multimeters usage areas. They have some electronics circuits and automation systems aswell with basic electrical functionalities. Also we had to monitor rpm of compressors and temperatures.

So finalizing all this one thing we learnt that a hvac multimeter should must have all related features to use it succesfully for hvac systems.

Lets have a look on detailed reviews.

1. Fluke 117/323 Best Hvac Kit

best hvac multimeter

fluke is not a new name to persons related to electrical or electronics field. They are pro in making next level extra efficient accurate multimeters. They had introduced bunch of new usefull features to tools industry.

Fluke multimeters are leader in market if we talk about accuracy and reliability. Their performance has no match so far and also they had proven longest operational life then any other multimeter. After years and years of practical carefull use still they can give right results.

This multimeter combo kit had standard fluke 117 and 323 clamp meter. This kit is enough for detecting all problems that can occur with some electrical and electronics systems.

Digital multimeter has designed to detect ac and dc voltages upto 600 volts with small ranges of currents also. Whereas clamp meters are specially used for checking high level currents, same in the case this clamp meter is rated for amps upto 400 AC.

This multimeter has some amazing features which are so helpful in process of troubleshooting hvac problems. It has true rms feature by which you don,t has to worry about linear and non linear loads issue while taking readings.

As electrical workers we know that there are many electrical machines and devices that have non sinusoidal or non linear loads specially in hvac. These type of unstable loads can,t be detected rightly by general multimeters, for these only true rms meters will work.

It also have another usefull feature of low impedance. Which is so helpful to filter stray or gost voltages which are another big reason for false readings.

Automatic voltage selection made it easier to check voltage without changing selector knob from ac to dc or vice versa. It will automatically detect whether the volts are ac or dc and adjust according to it.

Sometimes while checking electric parameters we had to check peak and lowest loads like in machineries having torque loads. In that situation load fluctuates to higher level and back in matter of seconds, so we don,t have much time to record it.

Providing solution for it this fluke combo kit comes with min/max/avg function. Which means we,ll get record for peak load, minimum and average load while testing loads of motors and other machinery.

This CAT 3 safety rated multimeter has very usefull non contact volt alert technology. When clamp head of meter goes near to live circuits, it will detect voltages without being in contact with conductors.

Key Features

CAT III 600 V safety rated

CAT IV 300 V

Fluke 117 Voltage AC/DC 600 , Current 10 A

Fluke 323 clamp meter Voltage AC/DC 600 , Current 400 A ac

Resistance 40.00 MΩ

Capacitance 1000 uf

Continuity test

True RMS which is helpful for testing non linear loads

Min/Max/Avg to record signal behavior, highest and lowest loads

NCVT or non contact voltage detection.

Auto volt selection AC/DC

Loz or low impedance helps to prevent ghost or stray voltages


  • Led backlight
  • Compatible optinal magnetic hanger
  • Comes with Kit bag
  • Auto volt selection
  • TRMS
  • 3 year warranty
  • Durable Rugged material
  • 2 in 1 kit


  • Nothing noticeable

2. UEi Test Instruments best hvac Clamp-On Meter

best hvac multimeter

If you are in search of a multimeter which can solely fullfil all hvac related tasks then you should must consider this Uei clamp multimeter. It will give accurate readings and reliability in such an affordable price that one can,t expect.

This multimeter has some extra current and voltage detection ranges then other multimeters. You can test voltages both ac and dc upto 750 V , current range is 400 A ac and resistance can be tested upto 40 mega ohm.

We really liked some of its amazing features like dual display. Dual display means it has two type of readings, one is at top and other at bottom. Top display readings are real time readings of parameters which are bieng tested by clamp or amp readings.

Whereas bottom reading are for specific to test leads. Anything on bottom display while using clamp is residual current or some type of interference.

If you are curious to know about its material quality and outer looks then we are pleased to say that it will never disappoint you in this matter. It is built with state of the art abs material, outer body seems robust enough to survive rough tough conditions.

Test leads are good in quality, comes with leads caps. There is a feasible place in meter for leads placement. You can also hold test leads in clamps while working.

One other feature we like in it is its low battery display lock function. Battery remains a serious headache for technicians who had more work load, so by frequent use batteries will go down earlier.

This awesome feature will lock multimeter,s display whenver battery loose power under certain limits.

We found this multimeter perfectly suitable for all types of hvac troubleshooting, general household uses and for automatives aswell.

Key Features

CAT 2 1000V CAT 3 600V Safety rated

Voltage 750VAC/1000VDC

Current 400 amps AC, 2000uA DC/AC

Resistance 40 MΩ

Capacitance 4000uF

NCVT voltage 600VAC

Frequency 10Khz


Duty cycles

Diode test

Auto range

Min/max readings

Dual display

Abs material

Carry bag


  • 3 Year warranty
  • Auto power off
  • Inexpensive
  • Low battery display lock
  • Auto ranging
  • Non contact voltage detection
  • Robust body


  • Low dc current range
  • No temperature measurements

3. HS33 Fieldpiece Hvac Meter

best hvac multimeter

While selecting best hvac mutimeters we set a strict criteria and check multimeters according to it. Our first prefrence was accuracy and durability alongwith all functions required for hvac troubleshooting and general monitoring.

This fieldpiece multimeter is specially desigend according hvac needs. It,s a manual range expandable multimeter. Here expandable means we can add annexure with it, by attaching amp clamp accessory with it it works as clamp meter.

Temperature measurement is one of its usefull feature. A good quality k type thermocouple plug is included in package which is compatible to every type of thermocouples and gives accurate temperature readings.

It has min/max data record function for checking signal behaviors in depth. There is also a data hold button to hold data for record purpose or else.

The outer body of this fieldpiece voltmeter made up of rugged material and its ergonomic shape provides ease in grip, fits firmly in hand while working.

What,s include in package are nice silicon test leads, alligator clip extensions for more firm grip to connections , clamp annexure and a beautifull deluxe multimeter case. Meter case is so helpful to carry multimeter and accessories along with you.

We found magnetic hanger with this meter which can be used for remote tests and allows you to do tasks hands free with help of alligator test probes and detachable leads.

We really impressed by its indication features also, it has great loud sound for continuity test and there is also indication for high voltages detected by non contact voltage tester.

Key Features

Voltage AC 600, DC 200

Current AC 400 A

Resistance 200kΩ

Capacitance 200uF

Temperature -34 to 93 celcius

Diode test , Continuity

Manual range

MIN/MAX to see maximum load curve


Magnetic hanger for hands free use

NCVT with high voltage indication


  • Temperature measurements
  • Robust body
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Alligator clips extensions
  • Extendable clamp accessory
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Hands free use
  • Comes with carry bag


  • No auto range
  • No backlight in lcd
  • No dc amps readings

4. Amprobe Best Hvac Meter

best hvac multimeter

Amprobe multimeters are known for their reliability, rigorous outer body and saftey certifications. Their tools are certified by state of the art labs like UL, CSA and fluke safety labs.

This amprobe hvac multimeter comes with many beneficial functions alongwith adorable outer inetrface and rugged body. This make it an ideal hvac multimeter for using in rough tough environments .

In hvac setups where we have to control temperature of enclosed areas inteligently with help of automations. These enclosed areas are usually air tight, only source of fresh air there is hvac air handling units or ventilator fans.

So in that situation safety becomes a serious concern when you got no place to exhaust accidental highly lethal fire gasses and fumes. To overcome this issue fire alarms with flame sensors are installed allover in comercial or residential locations with hvac systems.

This amprobe multimeters is perfectly accurate in testing flame sensors for micro amps. Also you can check capacitance of startup capacitors with higher available range.

Its liquid crstal display(lcd) is equipped with white shiny backlight which is much helpful in areas with dim light. A built in flashlight is present on top of multimeter which could be helpful for you to see compnents values and tags during work in dark.

We liked its rubber kick stand, which was beneficial for work while sitting across workbench and testing different equipments. There is also a probe holder place for placing leads during breaks.

We found a different amazing feature in this adorable hvac multimeter which is relative zero mode. You can store a reading of any parameter to zero mode for using it in future which will be helpful for you to do comparison between two readings.

Key Features

Voltage AC 750, DC 1000

Current AC/DC 10 A

Resistance 40 megaohm

Capacitance 4000 uf

Frequency 10Mhz

Temperature -40 to 1000 celcius

2000 count LCD with backlight

Dual readings

Analog bar graph

Velcro strap



  • Backlit lcd
  • Flashlight on top
  • MIN/MAX reading
  • Relative zero function which could be helpful to do comparisons of readings
  • K-type thermocouple plug
  • Auto power off
  • Auto/manual range
  • Rugged body
  • Hands free use


  • Limited warranty
  • Low current range

5. FLIR TRMS Best Meter for Hvac

best hvac multimeter

If you are newbie in hvac field or you take it as part time hobby electronics then you must don,t want to spend some extra bucks for expensive multimeter. But don,t worry its not a problem we are here to help you by providing you quality product reviews of both expensive and best budget multimeters.

This FLIR hvac multimeter is much accurate then we expect in this price range. It has many surprising features like true rms and temperature detection. This multimeter impressed us with its elegant design and rugged material.

It has ruberized coated body specially designed for drop protection. We liked its design and color contrast a lot alongwith its extra efficient functionalities. You,ll really happy to have it with you during routine work or troubleshooting hvac problems.

Firstly we were surprised to see all the unexpected functions that this multimeter having in it like true rms technology and low impedance mode or Loz, which are so helpful in filteration of ghost voltages and differentiating sinusoidal and non sinusoidal loads.

It has a simple interface easy enough to be easily understood by school level hvac trainee or new diy hobbyist at homes. Lcd is much wider and numbers on it are conviniently viewable from all angles.

There is no extra junk of symbols and parameters allover on lcd screen which are so annoying sometimes during hectic work. Four inline nicely paired buttons are placed just below lcd which are hold for holding reading value anytime, rec to record signal to check mimum and maximum loads, range for setting ranges auto or manual and mode button is for adjusting modes.

Due to its intact body and durable material we strongly recommed to use this multimeter for field works. Like all other hvac multimeters temperature measurement is included in it which can be done by help of k-type thermocouple already included in package.

One other thing which we like most in it is its tool free battery compartment. In case when multimeter,s batteries are going to die we have to change them instantly to avoid any breaks in routine or electrical maintenance works. But changing batteries of some multimeters really demand some technical skills and experience.

It can become a headache for you to change some cheap multimeter,s battery if you are new to electronics field. Providing solution to it this FLIR multimeter has such a battery which can be replaced by only swapping by hands like wall clocks.

One thing we noticed is it,s equally aligned efficiency whether to test low level voltages or when measuring mili and micor level signals it will give you accurate reliable readings. Its micro level amps testing ability can be checked by measuring flame sensors which are quite essential part of every hvac system.

Key Features


Voltage AC/DC 600 V

Current AC/DC 10 A

Resistance 60 MΩ

Capacitance 10,000 uF

Frequency 50Khz

Temperature -40 to 400 celcius

Loz (low impedance mode)

Low pass filter


Non contact voltage tester


  • True rms
  • Accuracy
  • Roubust body
  • User friendly interface
  • Micro amps measurements to test flame sensors
  • Wide lcd with backlight
  • Rubber casings to prevent damage in accidental drops
  • Best in budget


  • Nothing noticeable

6. 325 Fluke Hvac Multimeter

best hvac multimeter

The next best hvac multimeter which got succesfull in taking position in this strict list is fluke 325 clamp multimeter. It comes with trustable fluke,s legacy, well built hefty structure, pleasant design and guarntee pinpoint precisness and durability.

Fluke hvac meters are already laboratory tested for safety assurance and this multimeter too certified by IEC safety standard 61010-1. It also has cat level safety rating which rate this multimeter for Cat 3 upto 600V and Cat 4 upto 300V.

This best fluke multimeter for hvac can be used to measure current in cables upto 30mm guage without interruption in circuit.

It has a nice slim ergonomic body with sturdy making material which made it perfect for using at rough tough environments and worst temperatures. There are simple elegantly printed parameters symbols around soft running rotory slector switch of multimeter. You can easily adjust selector wheel according to measurement you want to conduct.

It comes with good quality carry on handbag for convinient travelling along with it.

Premium quality test leads and thermocouple are also included in package. Test leads comes with caps to prevent dirt from probe tips. So you can make dirt free connections always to enjoy best accurate and noise free results possible.

One thing we don, like for this multimeter is its relatively ackward color scheme. The contrast of red with royal yellow seems not much good looking in first view. Although it may be nicer for some people also.

This digital multimeter has a wide range of temperature test capability, it can measure temperature from -10 upto 400 centigrade with help of thermocouple plug.

We analyzed many hvac multimeters and clamp meters with all basic functions and accessories. But its unbelieveable higher dc voltage range was geniunely a big surprise for us. Where all other clamp multimeters were offering current ranges upto 400 amps which is only for ac, it has equal range of 400v for dc currents also.

Key Features


Voltage AC/DC 600V

Current AC/DC 400 A

Resistance 40kΩ

Capacitance 1000 uF

Frequency 500 Hz

Temperature -10 to 400 degree celcius

Continuity with audible beep sound

Diode test

True RMS sensing

Min/max function

Data hold button

IEC safety rated


  • Higher dc amps capacity
  • Backlit lcd
  • Large display
  • Safety certifications
  • Highly accurate and precised
  • Longetive
  • Ideal for both linear and non linear loads


  • Limited warranty
  • No auto range

7. Triplett 6-in-1 Hvac Meter

best hvac multimeter

Hvac technicians usually had to overcome number of chalenges during their routine work. They had to regularly check tempeature, air quality , fire alarm system response and many other electric applications.

Also there is number of electric equipments involoved in hvac systems which demands sharp monitoring and maintenance. So there is no other option then having a right superior quality hvac multimeter with all related parameters.

This multimeter has some extra ordinary functions in addition to all ordinary features offered by general multimeters in this price range.

Relative humidity test is one of its amazing functionalities. You can continously test relative humudity of environment at any place. This feature is so helpful for hvac technicians as they can adjust machinery with help of humudity levels.

Sound and light test are also amazing environment tests present in this multimeter besides humudity test. Sound intensity can be checked anywhere at noisy locations, like home theatres or industries with heavy machineries.

You can also test fire alarms sound level in decibels with help of this multimeter. In its amazing environment test it can constantly gives all three results for humudity, sound and light at a time. In light test it measures illumination in lux, a stable silicon sensor is present in this multimeter which gives accurate results always.

We are forced to appreciate manufacturers for building this mascular body outer for this unique hvac multimeter. Its outer surface is overmolded which means it has dust and splash proof material which is helpful for using it in environments having wear and tear.

Its extra molded housing structure also provides safety and damage protection in case of sudden drops.

Triplet is a purely us based company and all these multimeters are being manufactured in usa. As some people has concerns for the products which has origin of one country and production in another country, they can trust it for sure.

For making sure its hands free use, a built in stand is present in it. What includes in package are nice quality test leads, alligator probe extensions, k type temperature probe and 9v battery.

Key Features




Voltage 700V AC, 1000V DC

Current 10A AC/DC

Resistance 40 mega ohm

Capacitance 100uF

Frequency 10Mhz

Continuity, diode test

4000 counts backlit lcd

NCVT AC voltage sensor

Auto ranging ability

Environment tests

Light level meter

sound intensity meter

Relative humudity sensor

Temperature measurements

Relative zero function

Auto power off


  • 3 year Warranty
  • Robust body
  • Drop resistant
  • BuiLt in stand
  • Test lead holder
  • Overload protection
  • Auto and manual ranging
  • Backlight
  • Low battery indication
  • Dust and splash proof


  • Poor battery life
  • Low amps range

8. IDEAL INDUSTRIES Best Hvac Clamp Meter

best hvac multimeter

Next in our list is stylish slim body ideal clamp multimeter. We liked its interface, which is decorated with elegant color scheme and easily understandable array of parameters symbols. It has user friendly operation process easy enough that anyone with little electrical knowledge can use it comfortably.

The thing we most like in this multimeter is its more capability to read ac current. As its clamp is more wider then general clamp meters which are rated for 400 amps usually. Due to this, high gauge cables with more loads can be easily tested with it for measuring current.

There are only two buttons present on interface above lcd. One is for data holding purpose, so you can press it to hold realtime reading on screen for work purpose. Other button is for ncvt test.

Whenever you want to test if a circuit is live or not without connecting it to your multimeter, you just have to press and hold NCVT button after bringing multimeter,s head near to circuit. It will give a beep sound and indication if voltages are present in that circuit.

We noticed that this multimeter power off automatically after some minutes of inactivity. This function is very usefull for overall battery health and life. Also a low battery indication will appear on screen whenever battery goes down to remind you about imediate battery replacement.

It comes with soft silicon test leads with needle probe tips that are so helpful while using them in narrow or congested places. It comes with convenient carry bag for its easy transportation.

Overall we,ll strongly recommend this multimeter for using it at commercial, household and industrial electrical and hvac setups.

Key Features

CAT IV – 600V

CAT III – 1000V

Voltage AC 750V , DC 1000V

Current AC/DC 600 A

Resistance 10 mega ohm

Capacitance 660uF

Frequency 400Hz

Continuity test with audible indication

Auto/Manual range

Auto Power off

Low battery indicator

Data holding

Max/min record


  • 2 year Warranty
  • Alligator clips
  • Carry case
  • Safety rating
  • Overload protection
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact design
  • Silicon test probes


  • No backlight in lcd
  • No Temperature test facility

9. Fieldpiece Best Digital Hvac Multimeter

best hvac multimeter

This fieldpiece hvac meter is one of the old styled hefty multimeter that still exists in our modern times. Although these multimeters don,t have rms and auto ranging type functions but they can last more time then you can expect from them.

Profesional hvac technicians would really like its robust body and elegant old fashioned design. With help of this multimeter, screwdriver and wrench you can solve almost any type of fault in hvac units. Its ideal for working in rough tough environments and locations of outdoor units of hvac systems.

Symbols and number appeared on its lcd screen are easily viewable form every angle. Lcd is equipped with backlight so it,s convinient to work in dimly light areas with it. We liked a lot its making material which is abs plastic, abs case also comes with rubberized boots for extra protection and safety.

To provide you ease during hectic work magnetic hanger is available, so you can hang it somewhere to control panel or motors during testing loads. You can also place multimeter on table or workbench with help of its tilt stand and can do your examination process of circuits and equipments freely.

Almost all basic functions are present in it, you can check voltage, currents amperage and microampere, capacitance with higher limits,resistance, frequency and also temperature wih help of thermocouple probe.

Key Features

Voltage AC/DC 600V

Current AC/DC 200mA

Resistance 20 mega ohm

Capacitance 20kuF

Frequency 40Khz

Temperature -34 to 750 celcius

Diode test

Max/Min function

Auto Power off


  • Durability
  • Backlit LCD
  • Back stand and magnetic hanger
  • Abs structure
  • Silicon detachable test leads
  • Carry bag in package


  • No auto range
  • Limited warranty

10. Greenlee Hvac Tester

best hvac multimeter

During process of sorting this list of best hvac multimeters we set very strict criteria and analyze multimeters according to it. We check them for reliability, accuracy, body material, features included, covered warranty and price aswell.

Choosing a right multimeter is not a simple task. It demands hours and hours or research and checkups. Also you should must know about your needs and environment conditions before selection right product for you.

This greenlee digital multimeter perfectly meets our criteria to get position in this strict list. This multimeter has plenty of usefull functionalities with stylish robust outer body.

It has no matching true rms technology which had become need of the day now. True rms has so much importance in accuracy and preciseness level of multimeters. With help of it there is no need to worry about faulty results in non linear loads.

We would must admire its amazingly broader lcd decorated with backlight for easy visibilty in poor light locations. It has exceptional dual display with 10000 counts so you may enjoy readings to decimal level.

There is another awesome feature we found in it. Which is a warning beep for wrong insertion of test leads into current measuring terminals everytime.

In this greenlee dmm you got option to run multimeter automatically or operate it manually if you are profesional in field of electrical and electronics. It has a an optional usb interface through which it can be connected to computer for direct to pc logging.

This great greenlee multimeter is UL listed and has proper protection against overload conditions.

Key Features

CAT IV 1000v

Voltage AC/DC

Current 10 A

True RMS




Auto/Manual range

Temperature measurements

Backlit lcd

Dual display 10000 counts


  • 1 year Warranty
  • UL listed
  • Overload protective
  • Optional usb interface
  • Rubber protective boots
  • Abs material


  • A bit expensive

Buying Guide for Best Hvac Multimeters

If you are thinking that you can use any multimeter for hvac use then you are wrong, you must have a right multimeter with all hvac related functions and protections. Remaining qualities and consideration sould be same like other meters.

In hvac setups there is no space for breaks or trips, because after installation hvac system it becomes the only air source in buildings or factories we rely. So for smooth succesfull operation of hvac setups it should be maintained and monitored properly with help of a best accurate, precised multimeter.

There are many aspects to remember before purchasing a multimeter. Firstly it should be safety rated and protected against overloads. Durability and accuracy are also so much important for right selection .

As you know that electrical and electronics field is not a game of child, you have to look after complex circuits all the time with keen observation and monitoring. A best multimeter is best helper for electrical and hvac maintenance.

Without an accurate and reliable hvac multimeter hvac job could become so hectic for you. So we recommend you to choose wisely and don,t make a decision in hurry ever to avoid any inconvinience in future.

Now problem is how to check which is best hvac multimeter when there are hundreds of meters and dozens of brands available in market. Don,t worry we are here to solve your problems. We had generated a list of checks before selecting a multimeter for you.

Please read below for further details,


Safety is most important matter in multimeter selection, a multimeter should be properly designed according to safety standrads like UL and CE , IEC and CAT safety ratings.

You should first check in specifications whether your multimeter is overload protected, having fuse and all other safeties aswell. It would great if multimeter is laboratory tested and calibrated but you have to spend extra bucks for it.


Having right reading is so essential during hvac troubleshooting. Without accurate results it,s almost imposible to find faults in any electrical system.

So accuracy is also an imprtant thing to consider before making a purchase. Also keep in mind that mostly low budget multimeters are not precised enough to do tough troubleshooting tasks. You should be prepare to spend extra bucks for it.

Please note that the multimeters that are not calibrated in labs can give false readings. Most of the multimeters above 100 dollars are calibrated and tested.


For different applications needs you,ll need separate features in multimeters. For example if you want to buy a multimeter for only general household use like checking battery voltage level, main supply voltage, current drawn by electric appliances then you don,t have to buy expensive multimeters like fluke.

If you are going to select multimeters for industry or commercial level hvac systems, then you should must consider next level features like true rms, low impedance mode Loz, Min/max record, auto/manual raning, temperature measurements, UL certification and other usefull features.


Most of multimeters in low price has life upto 2 to 3 years if use and kept under good conditions. On other hand meters built with robust body materials like abs plastic may last upto 10 years or above with same accuracy and condition.

We strongly recommend to consider your work area environment and using habits before making purchase.


Offcourse budget is also an important factor to consider as all of us don,t have extra bucks to spend on expensive products. There is no need to panic if you are on low budget, many brands have standard multimeters in low price.

You can still get a best budget multimeter with same quality and features as some expensive one have, you just have to give some time to see specifications and read reviews in detail.

If you are purchasing multimeters for profesional use or industrial applications then we suggest to go only for high standard meters that are properly calibrated and precised neglecting whatever their price is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ,s)

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