Best Automotive Multimeters 2024-Reviews and Ultimate Buyer Guide

Whether you have a 2024 model sports car or some 80,s 90,s type classic old cars, vehicles you have to deal with multiple auto electric problems like battery faults, 5 pin relays, ECU or engine control unit and fuel injector issues. One must need a best automotive multimeter to deal with all auto electric problems. Having a multimeter gives you the edge of a collection of ammeter, voltmeter, and ohm meter all in one tool. Here you can find quality auto multimeters, see reviews to find the features you want.

Modern vehicles are equipped with plenty of electronic devices and circuits, so only a latest automotive multimeter can help you with their troubleshooting. With the progress in technology now engineers are trying to add more features which means more electric circuitry will be involved. So the challenges for auto electricians and mechanics are also increasing day by day in parallel with it. We found a solution for them by concluding a list of top automotive multimeter reviews.

10 Best Automotive Multimeters Comparison Table

Image Name Ratings Price
Fluke FLUKE-88-5 Automotive Multimeter
1000V AC/DC
R 50 MΩ
Cap. 9,999
200 khz freq.
-200.0 °C to 1090 °C

Check price
Innova 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter
AC/DC 600V
DC 15 A AC 400 mA
-50°C to 200° °C
2 Mhz
Rpm 0- 10000

Check price
Actron Digital Multimeter and Engine Analyzer
750V AC
1000V DC
10A DC
20 M ohm
Dwell frequency

Check price
INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
600V AC/DC
20 M ohm
10A DC
200mA AC

Check price
Power Probe IV Car Diagnostic Test Tool Digital Volt Meter
12-24 VDC
200V AC
10 K ohms

Check price
Autel AutoLink AL539 Diagnostic Tool with Automotive Multimeter
Circuit test
OBD2 scanner
Starting voltage

Check price
Fluke 77-IV Automotive Digital Multimeter
1000V AC/DC

Check price
ESI 585K Deluxe Automotive DMM
DC 1000V
AC 750V
32 M ohm
12000 Rpm
32 khz
-20 to 320 °C

Check price
Fluke 88 V/A Multimeter Combo Kit
1000V AC/DC
-200.0 °C to 1090.0 °C
50 M ohm
9999 uf
200 khz

Check price
BSIDE ACM91 Digital Clamp Meter
AC/DC 600V
DC 100A

Check price

Choosing a best multimeter for automotive use would be a little bit tricky matter as every multimeter can’t work ideally for automotive applications. First of all accuracy and durability should be the most important factors when selecting an automotive multimeter for you. Some quality brands like fluke, klien, amprobe ,mastech and craftman are producing the finest meters in the market.

You can select anyone from this list of top automotive meters.

10 Best Value Automotive Meters Reviews

1. 88V 1000V Fluke Automotive Multimeter

best automotive multimeter

Fluke is considered to be an authority when the name of multimeters comes to someone’s mind. It’s the most trusted and authenticated brand in multimeter industry in comparison to its competitors. We found it best for automotive use due to its extreme accuracy, durability, and robust body structure. For car auto applications a meter must be capable to withstand rough tough environments. Although you may not select it due to the higher price, we recommend never letting it go if you got budget.

It comes with considerable valid safety regulations like its safe compatibility CAT 3 100V AND CAT 4 600V installations. Also, it has an amazing temperatures testing range which covers -200 to 1090 degrees centigrades.



It comes with range flexibility of auto and manual range options. Now it’s up to mechanics, on which range they want to use it. Auto range could be helpful for amateur mechanics and DIY technicians whereas professionals will like to use it on the manual range.

Pulse width measurements

To check the performance and operation of fuel injectors mili seconds pulse width measurements are available.

Peak/min/max record

Signals may be analyzed later to check what was peak, minimum and maximum readings during the test. Proper memory system is provided to use this feature.

Rpm measurements.

Rpm measurement is a most needed test requirement for an auto electric tester. With help of an inductive pickup which is included in package, you can test any type of vehicle,s rpm. Inductive pickup sensor uses an electromagnetic induction effect to count rpms.

Things we like

  • Life time warranty
  • Magnetic hanger
  • Min/max/avg record
  • Bar graph Low impedance

Things we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Low amps range

2. Innova 3340 Auto Multimeter

best automotive multimeter

This best automotive multimeter is purely made for professionals. We loved it due to its features and durable outer material which made it hefty enough to survive auto workshop’s wear and tear environments. It’s specially designed for long lasting efficient performance when used for cars and other vehicles. As you know well that when we connect a multimeter to any circuit it affects it to some extent.

We can’t take risk of using high impedance multimeters for sensitive automotive circuits. For this purpose, only low impedance meters like this innova 3340 automotive digital multimeters can assure the safety of car electric systems like engine control units and fuel injectors.


Auto ranging

It comes with auto range feature so there,s no need to set ranges every time before conducting tests.

UL certified

UL is a third party certification authority that certify products after keen observation and laboratory testing. Innova 3340 successfully passed ul test and got certification for safety.


What an amazing function is when you get it in an accurate multimeter for car. For automotive uses, rpm is an important testing parameter. An inductive rpm clamp is included in package, through which rpm of any vehicle in a range of 0 to 10000 can be tested.

Auto shut off

To conserve battery charging auto power off is a must have feature in today’s multimeters.

Reverse polarity protection

In case if mistakenly anyone connects multimeter probes wrongly to the circuit, meter will be safe due to this amazing feature of reverse polarity protection.

Things we like

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Support stand
  • handsfree use
  • Reverse polarity protective
  • Low impedance

Things we don’t like

  • No backlight in lcd
  • Low AC amps range

3. Actron Digital Car Multimeter

best automotive multimeter

Next on our list is the amazing actron automotive multimeter and engine analyzer. We added this multimeter because of its unique features like starting and charging system test, ecu checkup, fuel delivery, ignition coils test, and low impedance for safe auto troubleshooting. Actron would be a reasonable choice if you are looking for a best car multimeter.

These all worthy features you’ll get at a much more reasonable price are reverse polarity protection, low battery indicator, overload protection, and rpm measurements. However, we don’t like the LCD screen which is a bit blurred if viewed from some distance. But overall we are satisfied with this accurate and best budget automotive multimeter.


Auto troubleshooting

It has notable auto analyzing functions like checking fuel injectors, testing cdi box , starting and charging currents, sorting out common wiring faults, rpm counts with switchable options of 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders, and 8 cylinders vehicles.

Safety certifications

Actron cp7677 has valid safety ratings like UL and ETL listings. It also has overload protection on all ranges. If you are anxious about the protection of sensitive car circuits and ECU then no need to worry as this multimeter works with low impedance which is only up to 10 mega ohm. Low impedance makes sure that automotive circuits will not effect by the meter.

Body structure

If we talk about body and outer structure of multimeters then one thing which comes first to mind is durability, shock resistance, and drop protection. You will be glad to know that it has a protective boot around its body for protection against sudden falls.

Backstand is helpful to work freely on your garage,s workbench while keeping multimeter in front of you using it free of hands.

On screen test leads connection reminder

It,s another very useful feature we found in this automotive digital multimeter. It will indicate to you about wrong test leads connections. For example, if you want to test amps and forget to change lead position before, the meter will indicate to you on screen to correct the lead position first.

Things we like

  • UL and ETL listed
  • Alligator clips in package
  • Fold out stand
  • Low battery indicator
  • Overload protection

Things we don’t like

  • No warranty
  • No ac amps readings

4. INNOVA 3320 Automobile Voltmeter

best automotive multimeter

This innova 3320 is another amazing variant specially built for automotive use. It’s an auto range multimeter that eliminates the need of changing range before every test. You can say it best cheap multimeter for cars due to its lower price. But here low price does not mean low quality, at least some fine quality products still exist at lower prices, fortunately.

This best auto electrical tester has rubber guards around its body which give it vibration resistance and prevention of damage against accidental drops.


Auto range multimeter

Battery test with Led

A unique beneficial feature we found in this amazing automotive multimeter is the battery health test. You can check your battery condition through this test with help of led indications. There are three levels of battery health in color code indications.

UL certified

This innova 3320 comes with UL safety certification which made it safer to use for automotive and general household electronic use.

Low impedance

10 mega ohm input impedance.

Things we like

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Auto power off
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Low battery indicator
  • Safety rated

Things we don,t like

  • Lack of backlight in lcd
  • Low ohms reading
  • Only mili amps ac current

5. Power Probe Car Diagnostic Test Tool

best automotive multimeter

We know the need for professional auto electricians and mechanics. In automotive use, there are not only amps, volts, and resistance type parameters to be checked. But mechanics also have to analyze fuel injector performance, computer driver circuits, and other electric systems. For that purpose a general auto voltage tester would not be a suitable choice, only a diagnostic tool like this probe 1V can serve well. It,s a complete package to troubleshoot advanced auto circuits.

It allows testing if the car’s motor, fan, relays, and lights working properly or not? You can check the condition of computer circuits that power solenoids, lights, and other automotive equipment.


Alternator and sensors output check

It tells if alternator and all other sensors are giving correct outputs. So by using it, it’s a matter of seconds to find faults in complex automotive circuits.

Fuel injector test

As we say it comes with a complete package of automotive testing. So here is proof of this like fuel injector examination. By this test, auto technicians can check injector pulse on time in mili seconds through which they can analyze injector performance and can compare readings to values given in specs sheet.

Feed test

It’s another unique diagnostic test to check the condition of circuits. By applying it you can check any circuit’s weak spots, faulty wiring, and weak connectors. So this amazing test gives us that data which we can’t have through a general voltage check.

True rms

Gives accurate rms readings for dc volts and amperes. It also records peak to peak, average, and minimum voltage levels.

Colored lcd screen

It comes with a large colored display backlit lcd with easy to understand navigation menu. One can easily use and enjoy its amazing on screen test results.

Voltage test

Dc Voltage can be tested effortlessly by contacting probe tip to circuit or device. Probe tip voltage is shown in the center display.

Min/max readings

It is capable to record voltage spikes, ups and downs of loads during test. Data can be seen later from the record to see overall signal behavior.

Things we like

  • Comes with warranty
  • Accuracy
  • Inexpensive diagnostic tool
  • True rms
  • Colored lcd
  • Navigational menu
  • Ergonomic design

Things we don,t like

  • No current measurements
  • Low ohms range

6. Autel Car Diagnostic Tool With Automotive Voltmeter

best automotive multimeter

Autel AL539 is another best automotive multimeter that comes with an additional obd2 scanner and other car testing tools. It can identify circuit faults, can diagnose the electrical system, cranking status, and charging system. It’s all in one package that would certainly be liked by trained auto mechanics and automobile engineers.

Along with electric testing it also can give your car,s emission status, cause of check engine light indication, and many other checkups. It covers all the modern cars and vehicles made after 1996. Also having smart autoVIN technology to identify vehicles.


Circuit test

It performs circuit tests well to inform you about the condition of dc and ac voltage, continuity, solenoids, sensors, wiring, and power status. All test live results are shown on its colored lcd with proper easy to understand infographics.

Starter and charging system test

In this test you can assess whether the battery is giving proper starting voltage to vehicle starter or not, current, cranking status, and ignition system. You may also check charging current status of your car or other vehicles. This test will diagnose the system and gives result whether it is normal, low output, high output, and excessive ripple.

OBD scanner

Along with the automotive multimeter obd scanner is a nice addition. Through this, you can check your vehicle emission status that whether you can pass smog test or not.

Vehicle information with live data

This multimeter for cars comes with technology that can automatically detect which model vehicle is under test. Live data presentation through graphics gives you ease to understand your car health status. You can also print reports and other record data by connecting it to pc.

Things we like

  • Smart diagnostic tool
  • OBD2 scanner
  • Live data sharing
  • Connectable to pc through software
  • Warranty available
  • Carrying bag in package

Things we don,t like

  • No rpm measurements
  • No resistance range

7. Fluke 77-IV Best Car Multimeter

best automotive multimeter

What do you think a best automotive multimeter should have? I think the first and most important thing would definitely be supreme accuracy and availability of all required parameters. The other preferences can be durable built material, safety ratings, and ease of use. What if we tell you that these all are combined in this best fluke automotive multimeter.

Fluke is the most trusted brand by electricians and auto technicians due to accurate results, safety certifications, and the longest shelf life than all other multimeters. One more edge of this best fluke automotive multimeter is that it has a valid nist certificate. Nist certifications mean it had undergone laboratory tests and finally got certification for analysis and product safety. Definitely, you had to spend some extra bucks for nist certificate.

It has an accuracy level of 0.3 % which is the highest one in the market. There is also an option to buy it without nist certificate if you don,t want it.


Auto/manual range

It comes with flexibility of range options whether auto or manual ranging. That means you can run it both by auto and manual range, it can be set by range button which is present below lcd screen. Due to both options, it become a friendly multimeter for both professionals and trainee electricians.

Min/max record

This record could be helpful for you to check signal fluctuations after the test. You can use that data to implement changes and analyze load distributions.

Safety ratings

It comes with an amazing safety standard of CAT 3 1000V AND CAT 4 600V compatibility. Now you can assess how safer it is to be applied for automotive uses.

Backlit lcd

Things we like

  • Nist certificate
  • Warranty by fluke
  • High voltage range
  • Range flexibility
  • Slim design
  • Accuracy

Things we don,t like

  • Expensive
  • No capacitance measurements

8. ESI Deluxe Best Auto Voltmeter

best automotive multimeter

We set strict criteria to select best multimeters for this list. We know the requirements and essential parameters of automotive field and make sure that all products in this list should have related functions. This ESI deluxe automotive DMM is specifically designed with low impedance, 10 mega ohm for the safety of automotive circuits and equipment. You can test rpm and temperature as well with help of probe extensions included in the package.

It comes with a set of alligator clips for handsfree operations, k type thermocouple, inductive pick up, and a supportive carrying bag for easy traveling. The thing we most want after accuracy and versatile functionalities is multimeter’s body safety measures, and durability. We were satisfied to see a protective holster around meter body which gives it extra protection against sudden falls from height.


Dual display with analog bar graph

Sometimes electricians and engineers need detailed waveforms of signals for research and analysis purposes and to see overall load status. Analog bar graphing in multimeters can solve this query in a simpler way, so you don,t need to be a scientist first to use lab scope instruments.

Dual display means you will see two readings at a time in this best automotive multimeter.

14 test functions

It has a wide range of professional grade parameters testing, comes with a total of 14 test functions. You may get readings for ac/dc voltage, current, resistance, rpm, dwell, continuity, frequency, temperature, and diodes.

Temperature test

Along with rpm and other automotive related function you can also check temperature with it. A k type thermocouple probe comes with it. With help of this probe, you may test temperatures in the range of -20 to 320 degrees centigrades.

Unique design

The thing we liked about this car voltage tester is its unique design and body shape. Body protected with strong holster, built in tilt stand, main functions buttons availability below lcd and colorful rotary switch options are really worth having things in this range multimeter.

Things we like

  • Extra functions
  • Fuse protections
  • Dual display Backstand
  • Carry bag included
  • Dwell test with 6 options

Things we don,t like

  • Don,t have much safety ratings

9. Fluke 88-5 Multimeter Kit

If money is not an issue for you or you want a best tool with the organizational budget then no other tool can suit you other than this best fluke automotive multimeter kit. It includes temperature probes, inductive pickup for correct rpm measurements, good length test leads and a premium quality storage case for combo kit. What more we can say when fluke is already an authority when it comes to accuracy and precision matters.

You can use it for modern hybrid cars also where battery voltages, starting and cranking amps need to be checked regularly for smooth car performance. Offcourse, you have to spend much more money than others for buying this awesome multimeter but we assure you that it is really worth its price due to its no match efficiency.

You don’t have to worry about safety matters and protection of sensitive automotive circuits as fluke multimeters are designed in accordance with CAT safety standards. You can imagine how safer it is for automotive when you can safely apply it to CAT 4 installations. But remember here we suggest you do it at CAT installations only after getting valid safety training. You’ll be pleased by its extremely fast response speed with superb accuracy.


Fuel injectors inspection

Fuel injectors are the most important part of any vehicle. It’s a device in all modern vehicles which decides when and with what quantity transmit fuel to engines. These all are intelligently operated by computing circuits that work when software is installed in them. Normally auto mechanics have to see mili second pulse width measurements to see fuel injector performance.

Rpm measurements

Rpm is another vital function to test overall engine’s performance. It can be done with help of inductive pick up which is included in package with multimeter.

Safety ratings

Safe to use at CAT 3 1000V , CAT 4 600V installations.


There is no comparison for material quality in fluke products. No doubt they built for long lasting accurate performance. You’ll notice that some of your mates or old experienced electricians still have very old (20 to 30 years approx.) fluke multimeters which still give more accurate results than your some modern multimeter.

Range flexibility

The choice is yours whether you like to run it with manual range or auto range, it gives you command for this.

Auto hold

This unique function automatically detects stable value and present them instantly without erasing past records like min/max and avg readings.

Relative mode

Min/max record

Things we like

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Silicon test leads
  • Magnetic hanger
  • Bright backlight
  • IEC listed
  • Accurate
  • Durable storage case

Things we don,t like

  • Expensive

10. BSIDE ACM91 Car Electrical Tester

best automotive multimeter

Now comes the bside handy automotive multimeter with a slim ergonomic design. It can ideally fit into your hand so you may check both horizontal and vertically aligned vehicle,s circuits and devices comfortably. We liked its unique design and handling experience which is different from common design multimeters available in the market. Despite their lower price, they aren’t compromised over material and shape characteristics.

It allows you to check voltage, current with 1 mA sensitivity, capacitance and temperature with low impedance mode which makes it perfect for automotive use. Built in back clip is very useful for field electricians, so they can hang it to their uniform while moving somewhere. The presence of trms sensing guarantees that you’ll get accurate results.



Non contact voltage sensing is a beneficial feature that is highly appreciated by electricians due to safety during work. This best automotive multimeter has built in non contact voltage tester which could even detect small level voltages in car circuits.

You just have to press v-alert button to use this function with the ultimate convenience of ncv testing.

Low impedance mode Loz

Trained electricians already know the benefits of this feature. It,s not just make this multimeter ideal to implement for automotive applications but it can also avoid stray voltage and provide you accurate, error free actual readings.

Dual line display

We really like its lcd display screen, not just for its rectangular wide shape and backlight but also for dual line display. Dual line means you may enjoy two readings at a time like voltage and current or frequency and temperature on screen.

Safety standards

This bside multimeter is built in accordance with safety standards. You may use it without worry for heavy load installations like CAT 2 600V,CAT 3 300V. Moreover, we are satisfied that it is built in compliance with IEC standards like IEC-61010-1, IEC-61010-2-030, IEC-61010-2-032, IEC-61010-2-033 .

Things we like

  • NCV
  • Loz mode
  • Slim design
  • Low battery indication
  • Backlit lcd
  • Auto power off
  • Abs material
  • True rms technology

Things we don,t like

  • Batteries not included
  • No warranty
  • Only for dc current

Best Automotive Multimeter Buyers Guide

A general question may come into your mind, why to get a separate multimeter for automotive use if already have one in your tools kit. The answer is simple you can’t open all screws from the same size of wrench. You must have a right tool for a right job, in simple words, automotive applications demand a sensitive multimeter with relatively lower impedance. Low impedance makes sure that the meter will not affect any circuit or device performance when applied to it.

Now you don’t have to worry about an honest selection of best automotive multimeter. If you are not satisfied after reading above reviews you should read this buying guide which can resolve all your queries related to automotive digital multimeters.

Below are some main points to consider before making a decision, in simple these are top features that should be included in all top automotive multimeters.

Low Impedance

Automotive circuits are mainly consist of five categories which are charging, ignition, starting, lighting, and accessory. As batteries are only primary source of power in cars and other vehicles so all these circuits are powered by 12v or 24v dc systems. A small voltage system means they need a multimeter that has low impedance so it will not affect circuit or device performance.

It,s the most important thing to consider before selecting an automotive circuit for you. These multimeters usually come with 10 mega ohm impedance max.

Auto/Manual range

Diy electronics hobbyists don’t know much about using multimeters at start. In that phase, it’s good if they get a multimeter that has auto range capability. So they don’t need to set ranges before every test. On other hand trained professional electricians and auto mechanics can adjust the range according to their needs.

So it,s fine if you select a multimeter with both auto and manual ranging options otherwise you should according to your skills level.


In all types of fields and their applications, the first demand of troubleshooting is accuracy. Everyone wants accurate results so they may not de tracked to find causes of faults and malfunctions. Many top notch multimeter making brands offers supreme accuracy and reliability. We tried our best to present you the most accurate meters in our list so you can do your work conveniently.

Many famous brands like fluke, Klien , Amprobe , innova and mastech have good accuracy level and they can be trusted well to finalize decisions while selecting the best multimeters for you.


As a common saying “ safety comes first “applies to all fields of life wherever you work wherever you live you have to be always vigilant for safety. In the case of multimeters, it has to be made sure that the multimeter you are using is properly safety rated. Many agencies like UL and ETL are working on product and material safety certifications.

Overload and fuse protections are the most basic safety considerations in multimeters. Some standard multimeters are built according to IEC standards and completely safe for heavy load installations like CAT2, CAT3 AND CAT4.


Budget is also an important factor for the right multimeter’s purchase. Every one of us doesn’t have extra bucks to buy expensive multimeters. We give solutions to you by adding low, medium and high price range multimeters to our list. As far as cost is concerned, it depends on the nature of use and applications.

If you need a general multimeter for home use you don’t need to go for fluke or other expensive stuff. But for commercial and industrial use we strongly recommend you only select that meters are properly calibrated and safety rated. Definitely, you had to spend extra money on it.