12 Best Budget Multimeters 2021 List and Reviews

A best budget multimeter should not solely be choosen due to its lower price, there are many other factors involved also with money which should must be considered. As we know results of multimeters are so critical for wellbieng of electric appliances and machinery, so they must give accurate and error free readings everytime.

So our task is to get a reliable and accurate multimeter in less price range. Although it,s not easy to say which is best of all in this category, but we can analyze and test all of them to check their efficiency relative to others.

After implementing a strict criteria and scrutiny process we concluded a list of 12 best budget multimeters. Which are further sorted by their specifications and specialiaties according to different fields.

Lets have a look on the list before reading detailed reviews.

Best Budget Multimeters Comparison Table

Image Name Ratings Area of uses  Price
Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter

CAT 3 600
600V AC/DC
R 40
Cap. 1000uf
Freq 1000khz

Pocket, Portable multimeter Check Price
INNOVA 3320 Digital Multimeter

600v AC/DC
R 20
Impedance 10MΩ

Industrial, electrician personal tool, hvac Check Price
Etekcity Digital Multimeter Clamp Meter V AC/DC 600v
AC 400amps
R 20MΩ
DIY hobyist,
home electronics,
Check Price
WeePro Digital Multimeter V AC/DC 600V
DC 10 A

Medium level Industry equipments,
Check Price
Proster Autoranging Digital Multimeter

V AC/DC 1000V
F 30Mhz
Temp. -40 to 1000 Celcius
R 40
C 200uf
Industrial circuits,
Automotive troubleshooting, electronics
Check Price
kuman Digital Multimeter V AC/DC 600V
AC/DC 600 A
R 60
C 4000uf
F 9.99Mhz
Temp. -20 to 1000
Automations, DIY,
Cars, off grid applications
Check Price
FLUKE-106 AC/DC 600V
AC/DC 10 A
C 1000uf
R 40
F 100Khz

Industrial, electronics, Hvac,
Automotives, kit essentials
Check Price
Klein Tools Multimeter

CAT 3 Safety rated
V AC/DC 600V
DC 10A
R 2

Small level industry, residential,
Check Price
Etekcity – MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter CAT.I 600V

V AC/DC 500V
10A DC
R 200
Diode test
Battery checking, electronics troubleshooting, general Check Price

Bside ACM91 1mA Clamp Meter

V AC/DC 600V
R 60
C 6000uf
F 1000hz
Temp. -20 to 500 celcius
Networking, electronics, general household,cars, Hvac Check Price
Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter CAT II 600V
V AC/DC 600V
R 20
F 20khz
Industrial electronics, bussiness, comercial use, general Check Price
KAIWEETS Digital Multimete
CATⅢ 1000V, CAT IV 600V
AC V 750v
DC V 600v
R 60
C 100MF
F 10Mhz

indutry, plc, automotives, hvac Check Price

This tool is usefull enough to read current, voltage, resistance , capacitance and many more parameters, can help you to find faults with your electric appliances. Simply it,s a must keep thing with other household tools of your kit.

Whether you are a profesional electrician, automotive mechanic,DIY enthusiast or electronics hobyist you really don,t needs industrial level expensive multimeters. No doubt they are awesome products but demands organizational budgets for purchase.

Keeping in mind we are in search of a handy tool that gives precise outcomes always with durable features and still in affordable price range. Anyhow it,s not as simple as it looks.

As we are team of electrical engineers, focused to help you in finding best multimeters. We conduct tests and checkups of tools in our electrical workshop. We believe in continous search, as definition perfect and ideal keeps changing time by time.

There are many aspects that should be considered before analyzing different multimeters, choosing best of them. We keenly examined many multimeters on industrial level equipments and noted thier pros and cons.

For your ease we had generate a final pre researched list of best budget multimeters. We tested and analyze them according to their specification and choose ones who performs best in relatively lower budget then others.

So you don,t need to gives hours to lookup things and yet there is chance of wrong selection with wastage of money also. Trusting our list have a look on best products reviews

12 Best Budget Multimeters Reviews

1. Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter Pocket Portable Meter

best budget multimeter

Fluke is already a known name to everyone in field of digital multimeters. They are extremely credible when its comes to accuracy with longevity. You must had seen many old fluke multimeters of grandpas retired electricians which had survied decades and yet pin point accurate.

Continuing the legacy fluke launched so many adorable products in market. 101 is it basic portable multimeter, having almost all basic functions.

We got a multimeter in hand which is perfectly designed with awesome outer color scheme, robust body and easy to understand interface. Although in this price we can,t expect true rms and it was not in it actually.

You don’t need to purchase half a dozen of multimeters to check which one is most accurate, fluke is really a leader in this matter. We admit that many of cheaper multimeters are not trustworthy enough to be rely upon, they also stop working after some time of their purchase.

You can take it anywhere within your laptop bag, even you can place it in large pockets of your industrial or profesional uniform.

If you have a expensive fluke multimeter with some fault, you will find that you can purchase this fluke,s multimeter with all vital features even in lower price of fixing that expensive one.

It can read both ac and dc voltages upto 600 volts, can use to check resistance, capacitance and frequency. We can surprisely confirm about its astonishing sensitivity, can be used to detect mili level ac and dc voltages in complex electronics circuits.

One thing we don,t like about it was backlight, as its LCD has no backlight.


  • Auto range
  • accurate
  • durable
  • portable pocket tool
  • 6000 counts
  • cheaper yet reliable


  • No backlight

2. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

best budget multimeter

What more one can expect from a best budget multimeter which is just under 30, UL certified and auto range, having reverse polarity protection and many other awesome functions. Literally No one other then this unique innova 3320 digital multimeter fulfills this criteria.

Which has unexpecting fabolous features with this price range of tools. For example a unique usefull function we found was LCD color indication for battery health. If indication is green battery is in good state, if it indicates yellow that is sign of some issue with battery and red means that battery should replaced urgently.

Its outer is robust enough to withstand bad weathers. There is quality rubber guards covering the meter body for preventing accidental drops. You get test leads with built in holding place, also a stand for hands free use of multimeter.

There Is a long list of usefull functions and features. We can,t believe that in such low price we are surved by plenty of good parameters. Its really good time to place your non accurate multimeters in some junk draywer and get this one.

It can be usefull for number of areas like Diy household enthusiast, working on cars, checking batteries, troubleshooting automotives, repairing equipments and testing electric issues on boats and rv.

Impedance and rpm were more surprising functions with all other we found in this DMM. Its impedance is accurate enough to compete with any other calibrated and certified expensive multimeter.


  • UL certified
  • reverse polarity protection
  • large LCD
  • rubber cover guards
  • battery health indication
  • auto off
  • warranty


  • Nothing noticeable

3. Etekcity Digital Multimeter Amp Volt Clamp Meter

best budget multimeter

when you are a profesional electrician or indutrial worker you have to face many power and circuit issues daily.

You have to check locked rotor currents, a motor tripped due to overload current, malfunctioning proximity switches and many other problems. To counter them technicaly a multimeter with all relative readings is a must keep thing.

In a simple digital multimeters we get options of AC/DC voltages, resistance and capacitance etc but their current testing range is generally too low mostly upto 10 amps. So in systems with greater loads a clamp meter is essential thing along with them.

Etekcity MSR-C600 is a clamp multimeter which gives current range upto 400amps. Unfortunately dc current can,t be detected through them. We recommend it should be included range for dc upto 10 A.

But in this price range we can neglect one function when got bunch of other impressive ones in this multimeter. Its so rare to have a quality multimeter in lower budget.

This clamp meter jaws are wide enough to measure current of conductors upto 26mm without interupting circuit.

We love many of its usefull attributes like it data holding while having a fluctuating reading. During work for writing readings we get this data holding function is much helpful.

Also its gives max reading value which can help you to detect torque loads of motors and locked rotor amperage of hvac compressors.

One thing we don,t like about this multimeter is lack of backlight in LCD. On other side its ok with wider LCD with large reading numbers, perfectly works in sufficient light areas.

Another thing we like is this multimeter don,t have a stuffed interface of selector wheel with number of ranges and options. Its not having ranges like 2 to 20, 20 to 200 etc, its looks simple and easier.

Its long metal prongs makes possible to insert them into electric sockets and switches and have a worry free safe voltage checkup.


  • Auto ranging
  • rugged material
  • comes with hand carry pouch
  • Auto shutdown
  • longer leads
  • max reading


  • No backlight
  • No dc amps

4. WeePro Vpro850L Digital Multimeter

best budget multimeter

There are many fields where we can,t manage safety of multimeter itself. Due to rough environments and work routines its almost imposible to have a sensitive tool safe and sound even for a year.

Like if you are a trailer or rv mechanic or automotive electrician and have to work with wear and tear. You must experienced it when accidently one of your expensive multimeter crushed, dropped or burned unintentionaly.

In that case you can,t purchase expensive ones every time.

For these type of applications need of a cheaper but quality multimeter naturally arises. To counter this need we focus on that multimeters which were quite lower in price but gives accurate readings.

After checking and analyzing deeply we can say Weepro 850L is one of the best budget multimeter that can sort out this issue elegantly.

We found it suitable for variety of applications like medium level industrial use, charging systems, solar panels,networking, batteries testing, testing cars, hvac and many others.

This electronic tester meter has load protection for higher loads, helpful indications are present in it like low battery and overload indications.

Its outer body is madeup of abs material, interface is designed with delightfull color scheme and large selector wheel around reading ranges.

Its outer is covered by insualted rubber case which is helpful for firm grip. Also there is a kickstand at backside for handsfree use to take readings easily.

One othe unique thing we surprised to found is hfe crude transistor tester which is on right lower side of multimeter. Hfe is abbreviation of hybir parameter forward current gain, common emmiter through which you can test dc gain of your junction transistor easily.

Some drawbacks we noticed are no ac current detection available in this multimeter, resistance range is also quite low.


  • 10 year warranty with 90 days refund
  • backlight lcd
  • built in kickstand
  • overload protection
  • Volt Amp Tester
  • Electric Ohmmeter
  • Audible Continuity Detector


  • No ac current range
  • no auto range
  • no capacitance measure

5. Proster Autoranging Digital Multimeter

best budget multimeter

Proster digital multimeter is one of those multimeters which can stick you to your workbench and you don,t needs to go and get another meter for separate function.

Almost all the basic and some extra features we found in this adorable DMM. Whether its auto ranging ability, AC DC voltage and current, capacitance, resistance ,duty cycles, temperature, min/max and many other beneficial functions you can find in it.

If you talk about temperature measurements, then frankly this would not disappoint you in any sense. You can directly check ambient temperature of your surrounding and also can test realtime liquid temperature through probes comes with package.

Temperature range is available both in celcuis and farenhiet.

Apart from maximum minimum value which is present in many others multimeters, it also has relative measuring capability and readings are displayed with their specific measuring unit symbols.

One other thing we like in this is its analog bar graph, which may be helpful for deep singnal analysis during troubleshooting.

We are really pleased to see a number of quality functions in this one cheap multimeter, and also no compromise for accuracy anymore.

Outer body looks fine, having proper built in place for probes. There is rubber protective guard around it preventing damage against sudden drops.

We found all these valuable characteristics helpful in convenient testing and offcourse these are all comes by a best multimeter under 50.


  • Man/auto ranging
  • kickstand
  • more readings
  • unit symbol display
  • Auto off
  • low battery indication
  • overload protection
  • carry bag


  • No backlight in lcd
  • test leads are average in quality

6. kuman Digital Multimeter

best budget multimeter

We amazed to know that this multimeter has true rms technology, one minute! What we hear is it really have true rms in such a price just under 50? Yess its true and that was quit unabsorbale first impression of this meter on us.

Another surprise was its exceptionaly larger range of currents which is usually absent in digital multimeters. Clamp multimeters are used for higher current load, but by using this multimeter clamp head(not clamp) you can measure upto 600 amps.

We noticed its nice bright wider LCD with backlight, and it was evenly readable from all angles.That can be helpful for people having vision issue or working in odd environments.

It comes with protective covers in case of fall. Hanging magnets make easy for you to work with it while hang it to panel or some other thing.

There is also a built in stand which is convinient for working on bench and takes readings clearly. You can also use data hold button to note reading, this button may also used by frequent pressing to avoid auto off of multimeter.

Electrical and electronics field is so much vast in applications. At this time every corner of world there is must an ac or dc appliance present in all homes whether in richest cities like new york or at far off sahara desert destination you must find a electric running thing.

As the diversity of any field increases, requirements for rightfull task submission will also expands. Ans In the world of electric testing and troubleshooting multimeter has a corner stone status.

Regarding all this scenario urge of a usefull best cheap multimeter is natural. As everyone of us has not much bucks to resolve our problems.

Afterall some know how of electricity with multimeter handling traning we can avoid heavy bills of service.

We recommend to use this multimeter if you are a electrical hobyist. You can easily fix small level problems with general home appliances and can check power issues.

With its user friendly interface it,s easy for you to understand parameters along rotory selector switch and to implement them during work.


  • backlight lcd
  • Low battery indication
  • overload indication
  • Protection cover
  • double fuse safety


  • Nothing noticeable

7. Fluke Palm-sized Digital Multimeter

best budget multimeter

We got an old fashioned mobiles sized fluke multimeter which was exactly fitting into palm. That was an amazing experience to have this gem in our pockets without worry for carry bags and placement for test leads.

It gives so soft sensation while keeping it in hand yet having a rugged material body which can last decades if kept and used safely.

There are simpler range scales around selector wheel, even a school level boy can understand and use it wisely.

We like fluke,s color scheme a lot. Imagine what a contrast of blackish grey with yellow,red and white portions making this best budget multimeter worth watching also.

There is no comparison to its consistent accurate and reliable measurements. Fluke,s multimeters already had gain the position of leader in this matter.

We acknowledge there is not a long list of parameters and functions in this multimeter in comparison to other lower budget multimeters. But obviously they are far behind it when it comes to accuracy and precision.

Its logical to pay some extra money for a product which is laboratory tested and certified. Which has shields agains humidity, shocks,drop, wear and tear, temperature and other harming factors.

You can also choose fluke 107 if want some extra things.


  • Accurate
  • durable
  • test lead caps
  • Pocket sized multimeter
  • laboratory tested
  • warranted


  • No Backlight in lcd

8. Klein Tools 69149 Multimeter Test Kit

best budget multimeter

During review process we did,nt find any low budget multimeter having CAT safety rating and we wer not expecting it also, until we reached to this awwesome klien multimeter. It,s CAT 3 safety rated with state of the art production quality.

Klien tools is a pure american company. They are producing finest hand tools since 19th century and they area really good at electrical and communications tools.

You will be happy to see some addons with this multimeter. Its actually a kit of multimeter with some extra usefull items like non contact voltage tester and receptacle tester.

NCVT have indications for voltage testing. There is a green light indicator which means no voltage detected. Red light gives indication for presence of voltage in circuit. Also a warning beep sound produced as warning of voltage presence.

This multimeter can be used for volatages upto 600V ac and dc. Unfortunately no ac current detection can be done with it, only dc amps available upto 10 amperes.

We found it suitable for working in home and general electronics. In household use you can fix wiring connection issues, multiple hot wires, neutral ground, circuit breakers, cables and several other electric faults.

We like its outer body which is double insulated and covered by rubber guards, there is proper holding place for testing probes. Hold button of multimeter is on the top for holding readings during work. Outer cover gives you a sturdy feel seems like made up with good material.

Its obvious that any tool and multimeter can,t be perfect in all aspects. There can be some pros and also some draw backs in every product.

Where there are many things we like in this multimeter, we noticed some flaws also in it like absence of ac current detection and no auto ranging.

However besides these things still it can surely be proved as best multimeter for electricians.


  • Backlit LCD
  • Safety ratings
  • inexpensive
  • double insulation


  • No ac current
  • manual range

9. Etekcity Digital Multimeter

best budget multimeter

What we got in our hands was a wider nice looked cheap multimeter. It has a large Backlit LCD with easily visible numbers and symbols. At first look one did,nt expect that its price will be much lower then we thought.

It could be best multimeter gift for hobyist or electrical enthusiasts, as it can perform almost all basic functions which will be needed at your home or garage lab. You can check your mains voltage worry free even if you are not pro because of its double insulation safety.

Automotive electricians will also love to use it to fix car circuits faults. Due to rough tough environments they don,t take risk to use a expensive multimeter. It has a separate sleeve guard which covers its sides concisely and prevent damage from sudden drops during work.

It is another amazing thing to know that this etekcity manual range digital multimeter is CE and Rohs certified. Rohs ensures that this product is not made up of some toxic materials and CE certifies this product credibility in europe.

You can use it at your lab work bench laying it on its backstand for convenient handsfree use of it. Contnuity test can be conducted, also a beep sound pproduced if some short detected by testing probes.

Things we don,t like about it are its low quality battery and screw. By your unfortune if ever battery goes out of power and you tried to replace it with new one. It will give you a realy hectic attempt specialy if you are not profesional technician.

But overall we are forced to rate it as best cheap multimeter due to its lower price still with quality results.


  • CE and rohs certified
  • 2 year warranty
  • double insulation
  • backlight LCD
  • backstand


  • Weak battery
  • no AC current

10. Bside ACM91 Clamp Meter Multimeter

best budget multimeter

We are quite used too same type designs and interfaces of multimeters. What else we can do when we got no choice rather then them.

Because our first prefrence for multimeters is offcourse accuracy and more number of features. For a best multimeter under 50 we got many choices with good quality and functions but they are not as unique and stylish as this amazing Bside clamp meter.

This stylish multimeter comes with number of surprising features which can really bump to its link. If you are thinking about true rms, auto ranging, cat safety protections and more display counts then you right these all are worthy characteristics of this clamp meter.

Thing we most like in this is its advanced, rectangular shape Lcd with colorfull backlight. Sometimes during work it,s somehow uneasy to operate multimeter in standfull position due to uneven space or your gesture for work. In that case a multimeter with horizantaly aligned LCD is much usefull for work.

It can be used for variety of applications like battery checking, cars , rvelectric equipments, solar circuits, medium level industrial equipments, hvac , communication and networking and many other areas aswell.

The mighty true rms technology makes it really a worth buying best clamp meter. Due to rms you no needs to worry about linear and non linear loads, asy they can deteriorate reading results. TRUE rms ensures reliable readings in all types of load tests.

Besides true rms we found more astonishing features in it which makes it a best multimeter for the money. Like low impedance mode which is so important in identifying ghost or stray voltages and their elimination.

It has volt alert technology also, whenever its clamp head goes near to circuit it will detect voltage and give indication for that.

Temperature range is another exceptional feature of this multimeter. It has range of temperature upto 500 centigrade.

We pleased to find screwdriver and carry pouch in package as extras in same price.


  • ABS material
  • double display lcd
  • backclip
  • true rms
  • extra featuures
  • 1mA current sensitivity


  • No warranty
  • batteries not in package

11. Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

best budget multimeter

Searching a quality tool in lower price range was never a piece of cake, in present times its even more difficult to check where large number of multimeters are available in market at cheap rates.

So now problem is how can we select a multimeter with accurate testing ability, fine quality and that can also save some money.

Many of us are using multimeters and other tools from decades and still we can,t be sure about authenticity of tools at first look.

As we are electrical engineers, we had experience it many times.

Thats why we implement a very tight scrutiny for selecting right multimeters in this list. So you don,t have to spend hours resaerching and reading reviews to select one.

This crenova auto range multimeter is reliable and accurate enough to take place in our strict list. We liked it due to its rugged outer body with protective casing, nice color contrast of design, shiny beautifull backlit display, accurate measurements and many other functions.

It,s also a bit fast then other multimeters of this category, having a sampling rate of 3 times per second.

You can use it conveniently for electric tasks at labs, schools, factories, homes and workshops for getting trustfull results.

Its finishing is so nice in quality, gives it a soft but strong touch. This crenova multimeter is made up of combinely with abs and pvc material.

You got some extras in package like a pair of alligator clips that are extremely usefull. They can be clipped to ground or somewhere else to get stable results. Multimeter and accessories comes in a carrying bag which is helpful to carry it anywhere.

One thing we noticed that at auto range multimeter got slower in response. Its, not much irritating but can,t be neglected also.


  • 1 year refund warranty
  • abs material
  • accurate
  • CAT safety
  • easy to understand display
  • backlight


  • Nothing noticeable

12. KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter TRMS

best budget multimeter

Mostly Electrical engineers and electricians play with multimeters on daily basis. Specialy ones who are at some project for electrical comissioning or working at some maintenance job.

They know very well which multimeter is more accurate and durable then others. According to their job nature they select tools of different types and qualities.

A best multimeter is that one which fullfills all your requirements and gives you trustworthy results. It should be technologically advanced and robust in nature.

During review of multimeters we found very few meters which were fulfilling this criteria.

Kaiweet digital multimeter is another awesome multi functional multimeter in very low budget. It has trms technology and CAT 4 level safety considerations which were once attributed to fluke meters only.

It has very stylish design and less wieght with gorgeous outlook. Abs material made it much resistant to rough tough environments.

One thing we like in it is its large LCD with dual display and backlight. Also analog bar graph shown in bottom of lcd for signals. Lcd changes color to orange when voltage are more then 80v.

There is indication for battery charge level in lcd which is very usefull.

This digital auto range multimeter comes with silicon protective shield, which prevents damage against sudden falls.

We found another good feature of flashlight which is present on its back. It can help you for visibility in dimly lit areas. There is also a backstand and pen slot present for easy handsfree use according to needs.

Non contact voltage sensor is present with light indication, whenever it comes near to live wire multimeters,s screen light will turn to red.

Beside all decorative and design related positive points we also recommend this multimeter if you want a highly accurate and precise multimeter for the money.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Abs material
  • dual display lcd
  • Led indications
  • Pen slot and kickstand
  • flashlight
  • liquid temperature diagnosis
  • short circuit protection


  • Nothing noticeable

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