Multimeter Price Guide-Which Meter should I own?

When someone wants to buy a multimeter the first thought which comes to mind is “which multimeter should I buy and for what price a multimeter will be more reliable and accurate?”. It’s a million-dollar question having different answers to every one according to their core needs. If you inquire us about it, we would say only one thing that we can’t decide a product’s quality with its price tag.

Also quality and standards have different criteria according to users’ needs. In our view, a newbie DIY electronics person doesn’t need a pro like a fluke 88-V, perhaps a simple multimeter could fulfill his needs. Similarly, an industry person will certainly need an electrician’s multimeter. Below we have divided multimeters according to their categories in order to provide you with a correct multimeter price guide.

Multimeters Price Guide

1. For Newbies, Students, Home users, and DIYers

This category contains multimeters that can fulfill all basic functions like voltage testing, current, resistance, and continuity checkup. These are also a good choice for having the first meter for training purposes. Multimeters below 50 are a good example for this category of meters, loaded with almost all necessary features.

multimeter price guide

Imagine why one should spend a lot of bucks if he needs a multi meter only to check a home outlet supply, car battery status, voltage level, and some other basic uses. In our opinion, in this category people should own a multimeter under 100 maximum if they want more quality and precise results.

Some drawbacks of this category multimeters are likely to have no laboratory calibration, accuracy features like trms , poor warranties, and a less durable body design. But you could also get some quality cheap multimeters after researching well about these features.


Klien MM400

Etekcity clamp meter

2. For Medium level commercial use

In this category, we added the multimeters that are equipped with all advanced functions like true RMS sensing, safety against spikes and fluctuations, maintenance and valid warranty, and laboratory calibration. These multimeters usually lie between 100 to 400 bucks price range.

Many of this range multimeters come with some extra accessories like noncontact voltage testers, banana probes, tools bags etc. You’ll also get a lightened display, compact body design, durable material, and extended measurement ranges.


Fluke 117

Fluke 115

3. For Professionals and industry Electricians

Now this category is specific to pro electricians, automotive technicians, and industrial electrical workers only. This category of multimeters are actually built in and tested by special purpose based state of the art laboratories like fluke corporation. Because of their heavy duty use for three phase systems, they should be safer and most reliable among all other multimeters.

multimeter price guide

You could expect to have a range of current in thousands of amps, 1000 v AC/DC, and resistance in multiple of 100k’s. These multimeters are obviously the most costlier ones but they are built with some industrial grade materials that can provide safety against accidental drops within 6 meters height, and give water, dirt, and weather resistance.


Fluke 289 True rms meter

Fluke 175

Final Verdict

We have explained well about multimeters price ranges and their preffered usage fields, now its upto you which model and priced meter is most suitable for your use. As you have noticed above multimeters are available in a huge price range from 10 bucks to 1000 or more. A 10 dollar multimeter may seem like a best in budget meter but they are less likely to survive more than a year if you are a frequent user.

On another hand, a homeowner has nothing to do with high end expensive quality multimeters, the same as a pro should not go with cheaper ones. We will advise you to research well about functionalities and safety features about multimeters before making a final choice.