How to test Capacitor with a Fluke Multimeter- Beginners Guide

how to test capacitor with a fluke multimeter

Capacitors are part of almost every daily use circuit or devices, from household fans to industrial motors and mcc panels you have to face them everywhere. A faulty or failed capacitor may deteriorate the whole circuit or blow fuse due to a short circuit. In many cases, a malfunctioning complex circuit may create a problem … Read more

How to Calibrate a Fluke Multimeter- Meter reviews

how to calibrate a fluke multimeter

As electricians or industrial technicians whether in automation, electronic trades, or any other field our decisions are based on results we get through tests by multimeters. These results on the meter screen should be highly reliable and accurate for wellbeing of both machinery and production. In this post, we’ll not only teach you how to … Read more

How to use a Fluke Multimeter-Basic learning

how to use a fluke multimeter

If you are not a certified electrician then you should not use multimeters before getting complete training and knowledge about the basic functions and safety of multi meters. Otherwise, either your or your meter’s safety would be at risk. Using a fluke digital multimeter is not much different from using other company multimeters except for … Read more

How to test a Power Supply with a Multimeter-Diy Guide


A Psu or dc power supply mainly energizes internal components of a pc or other electronics components after conversion of ac mains voltage to dc 5v,12v. In case of power failure of a computer in presence of electricity, the first step should be to check its power source. Here we’ll tell you a manual method … Read more

How to Use a Multimeter on a

how to use a multimeter on a car

Modern cars and vehicles are equipped with lots of electric circuitry due to the addition of more automated systems with time. Now with the passage of time automative industry has grown rapidly, electric cars are changing our previous gasoline engine concepts. Even we’ll see flying cars soon with general traffic on roads. So after these … Read more

Analog Vs Digital Multimeters-A Quick Comparison

Analog Vs Digital Multimeters

As their names are suggesting, analog and digital multimeters are differentiated by technology matters. In analog there,s a pointer with parameter scales, where pointer deflection during test tells about readings. On other hand digital multimeters have digital lcd displays, they give results in numbers. Digital meters also have some extra functions than analog ones. For … Read more

Testing Electric Equipments with Multimeters-A Complete Guide

Testing electric equipments with multimeter

Besides its important electricity parameters multimeters can also help you to find issues with electric equipment like capacitors, circuit breakers, relays, fuses, and many more. Obviously, you’ll need some training and safety guidance before doing these things but here we’ll guide you for some basic checkups. By learning some basics of multimeter you can easily … Read more