How to test Vfd with Multimeter

how to test vfd with multimeter

What is a Vfd? Vfd or “variable frequency drive” is a device that is used to run motors at different speeds/rpm by controlling the frequency and voltage of their power supply. They are also called speed controlling devices because their main principle of action is motor speed adjustment. If you are working in industry, you … Read more

How to test a Battery With a Multimeter – Meterreviews

Checking battery with multimeters

In today’s world, we have a lot of products in our homes and offices which are primarily powered through batteries. Especially in the case of cars, motorboats, marine and other vehicles where all electronic circuits and accessories run only through batteries. In that case maintaining battery’s health is mandatory for smooth functioning of equipment and … Read more

How to read a Multimeter-An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

how to read a multimeter

The people with electrical backgrounds already know well how to read multimeters and their symbols but beginners and students may get confused while reading them. So this guide is basically for people who don’t know much about multimeter usage. We’ll try to cover all necessary topics to clarify to you how multimeters generate reading and … Read more

How to fix Christmas lights with a Multimeter – Meterreviews

how to fix christmas lights

Every festive is incomplete without the presence of charming Christmas lights. Beautiful, glowing fairy lights are the most important things in the decoration of a home’s outside area, trees, or even within homes like walls, backyard gardens or room corners. What if you found on the evening of an eve that many of the lights … Read more

How to test Motor with Multimeter- A Technical Guide

how to test a motor with multimeter

When a motor failed to start, the first thing one should instantly check is the incoming power supply to that motor. If the supply voltage is within limit, then there is a possible scenario of motor burning out or other vfd, wiring and winding problems. It’s so difficult to say something about motors apparently because … Read more

How to test Cdi box with Multimeter-Meterreviews

how to test cdi box with multimeter

If ever you have faced starting issues in your scooter, lawnmower, outboard motors, and many other electro mechanical devices? If yes, then next time your first step after testing the battery should be to test its cdi box. A CDI or “capacitor discharge ignition system” is called by many other terms like a black box, … Read more

25 Essential Hvac Tools list for Techs-Types and uses

essential hvac tools list

If you’re running a hvac service and maintenance company you must need some important HVAC tools in your tools kit. For successful troubleshooting and quick results, reliable tools are mandatory. We’ll cover almost all types of important hvac tools in this list so you may decide which one is most suitable for your type of … Read more