25 Essential Hvac Tools list for Techs-Types and uses

If you’re running a hvac service and maintenance company you must need some important HVAC tools in your tools kit. For successful troubleshooting and quick results, reliable tools are mandatory. We’ll cover almost all types of important hvac tools in this list so you may decide which one is most suitable for your type of work.

In this list, you can find some essential best hvac tools like hvac multimeter, gauges, temperature gun along with some other ones that are necessary for certain works but not required for general daily routine tasks. We have analyzed all tools included in this list so keenly in order to provide you with a summarized tools list that can save your precious time.

HVAC specific tools

1. Bosch 12v brushless compact drill kit

Drill is an essential tool for many types of works like electrical installation, plumbing, and hvac work. It’s a 12v small size drill with 1300 rpm speed which works so efficiently and required lesser power for the same magnitude of workload. If we talk about power consumption it may be surprising for you that it takes only 2 amps, which means a huge saving in electricity bills.

2. Fluke hvac laser temperature gun

Temperature is an important parameter while analyzing hvacr systems, for this, a temperature gun can help you in finding the correct temperatures. A fluke hvac laser temperature gun has the best features and reliability among others. It comes with a range of -40 to over 550 degrees centigrade.

3. Multimeter/Voltmeter

This is another essential tool for working on hvac for checking voltage and current. It also acts as a safety tool, you may test outlets and switches for power before working on them. A contactless voltmeter could also be used for checking voltage presence.

essential hvac tools list

4. Thermal imaging tool

Sometimes finding problems in the complex hvac setup of large scale buildings proved to be more difficult than we assumed. For this, a tool called thermal imaging tool is perfect to identify the exact location of different malfunctions in hvac/r. You can analyze the whole scenario through thermal imaging cameras.

essential hvac tools list

5. Vaccum pump

Vacuum pump is an important part of hvac tools and machinery set. It can help you in removing moisture from hvac pipelines and other systems. It’s a common tool for hvac troubleshooting.

6. Manifold gauge

Hvac technician tool bag is incomplete without gauges, they are the most important part of it. They are used to check and control refrigerant pressure, check for leakage in airlines and isolate the refrigerant units from HVAC system. In short, a technician can do nothing without this type of gauge.

7. Refrigeration guage

As we know in hvac we use gas for refrigeration like R134a cooling gas and some others, for checking the refrigeration system and gas level a refrigeration gauge is a must keep tool. These gauges usually come with a manifold, hoses are sold separately.

essential hvac tools list

8. Reciprocating saw

It’s a type of power saw which move on the principle of push and pull with electrical energy to cut out human effort while working on a pipeline. Definitely, it will increase your budget but it will also save your precious time.

9. Caulk gun

A caulking gun is used to fill out holes and for sealing air passage ducts where needed. You may need this many times in routine hvac work.

essential hvac tools list

10. High pressure Nitrogen regulator

Sometimes due to high pressure or other issue hvac gasses can be released abruptly, causing heavy loss. To avoid this problem a device named nitrogen regulator should be used, it works as a pressure controlling valve against high pressure streams.

11. Psychrometer

This is a tool for detecting air flow rate and humidity.

12. Leakage detectors

Looking for leakage in a large scale hvac system of a building is tough duty. Thanks to technology makers, they have a solution for you in form of a leak detector which will identify areas with moisture to find out the leakage area location.

13. Coil Fin Straightener

It’s a simple tool for a useful purpose of removing dirt and debris from condensation unit coils. It can also straighten depraved coils to improve the cooling and heat exchange process.

14. HVAC load calculator

If you want an exact calculation of an area’s cooling and heating needs use hvac load calculation tool. It can calculate the Btu demands of a residential area with respect to different conditions like sun exposure, building material, climate, and many other factors.

Basic hvac tools

15. Screwdriver

The screwdriver is the most common and important tool in every electrician and technician’s tools bag. The same applies to HVAC work, you’ll need it on daily basis. Add all types of screwdrivers like multi purpose , four sider in your kit.

16. Plier

Pliers belong to a group of most needed tools like screwdrivers. There are different types like nose pliers, we recommend keeping every type. Hvac tech will need it for handling wires, pipes, and other material.

17. Measuring tape

For concluding pipelines and ducts length, to make an accurate system using a measuring tape is recommended.

18. Spanner set

Spanners are used for tightening purposes, they come in different sizes and shapes to confront all types of tasks.

19. Hammer

It’s another essential tool for HVAC technicians to do their routine work. For hvac work a medium or standard sized hammer is recommended. We recommend a hammer with fiberglass material, it will work better for you.

20. Ladder

A self supporting 6 to 8 feet extension step ladder is suitable for convenient work at various height levels.

21. Hand Seamer

Hand seamer is a useful tool that helps in bending pipes and metal sheets accurately and in well mannered way to avoid breakage.

22. Tube cutters

This tool could be used to cut copper tubes which are a vital part of every air condition system. It works as a clamp cutter, first, you clamp the tube and then cut it by spinning the tool around it.

23. Wrench

A wrench is a tool to grip on round surfaces like pipes or some metal ducts. You must have a range of different sized pipe wrench.

24. Headlight

A flash or headlamp is a light that can help you while working in an environment with less light.

25. Crimper

It is a tool to connect two types of metals or pipes by bending them and reshaping them in order to connect them to one another.

Hvac safety

Working on machinery and electrical circuits needs special attention and awareness of technicians for their safety. We will strongly advise you to wear complete safety kit while working on live hvac system. Some of the safety items and tools list is given below,

  • Gloves
  • Safety helmet
  • Face mask
  • Safety shoes
  • Earplug
  • Glasses
  • Uniform


We tried to make a list of essential HVAC tools list which includes almost all types of tools that could help technicians with routine hvac tasks. You may add tools other than them with time and requirements.

Preparing a list is a good habit before doing any work in life. You should make your own tools list also to avoid any inconvenience once starting your work.