Best Multimeter for Home use 2021 Reviews with features list

Today electricity has reached almost each and every corner of the world. According to an estimate there are nearly 30 to 40 running electric devices or applications in every house on average around the globe. For sorting out electric issues and to monitor devices and gadgets a basic digital multimeter is now need of every home.

A best multimeter for home use can serve you well to find mains voltage of household supplies, currents drawn by electric items, resistance , frequency and other basic parameters.

Now question is without being an electrician how can you find a best multimeter in market already full of many valuable multimeters. You don,t needs to worry here, our team of electrical engineer and electricians has a vast experience and knowledge of handling electric tools including multimeters for both industrial and general home uses.

Trusting our picks, lets have a look on top multimeters list first

Image Name Ratings Price
FLUKE-106 Palm-sized Digital Multimeter
600V AC/DC
R 40 MΩ
F 100 Khz
Cap. 1000uF
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Tekpower Mastech Digital Multimeter CAT 2 1000V
CAT 3 600V
1000V AC/DC
F 200KHz
Cap 200uF
R 40 Mohm

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INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter AC/DC 600V
DC 10A
AC 200mA
R 20.00MΩ

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Extech EX360 Compact Multimeter CAT IV600V
1000V DC/AC
R 40MΩ
Cap. 10mF
F 100Khz
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Proster Clamp Multimeter
600V AC/DC
600A AC/DC
F 20Mhz
R 60MΩ
Cap 6000uF
Temp. -40-1000℃
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Etekcity Digital Multimeter
CAT I 600V
CAT. II 300V
500V AC/DC
10A DC
R 200MΩ
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Whether you are a do it yourself person or electronics hobbyist you should have a right accurate and durable meter with all basic features and easy to operate interface. For homes, you don,t needs a expensive, hi fi multimeter with latest technologies. Only a basic digital multimeter can do it all for you.

But we will advice you to don,t use a multimeter without taking proper training and safety sessions. Also you should read manual and user guides in detail before using meter. Whether you are buying it for checking marine devices , rv equipments, solar panels, battery testing and other common home electric installments safety should be your first concern.

Best Home use Multimeters Reviews

FLUKE-106 Palm-sized best home use Digital Multimeter

best multimeter for home use

Fluke 106 is specifically designed for home users, beginners and electronic hobbyists. It,s a basic digital multimeter which can solve all primary electric troubleshooting issues. You can test home wiring, dc appliances, mains supply and current drawn by household applications.

Suprisingly it comes in matchless small design, which can perfectly fits into your pocket. And you can take it to anywhere easily when needed. It,s not only small size which attracts us to include this meter in top of our best home multimeters list, but we really impressed by its high accuracy level, robust body features , stylish design and good responsive interface.

You can check wiring faults,diodes and faulty switches or breakers with help of continuity function. You just have to connect probes of multimeter to two ends of wiring, diodes or any other electric device. if continuity is ok it will give buzz indication to confirm it that there is no problem in circuit continuity otherwise you have to analyze other faults in detail.

This fluke,s compact pocket sized multimeter seems solid in your hand, has extra drop protection and vibrations resistance. Fluke multimeters are already built to survie longer in rough and tough environment with wear and tear conditions.

It will automatically shut off after some time of inactivity. That,s so helpful to conserve battery charge and gives extra longer life to meter,s battery. Unlike other multimeters of its genre it will not irritate you in battery replacement process due to its easy to replace battery compartment.

We found this best multimeter for home use as an ideal option for completing your home basic tools kit. Having this basic multimeter can save you from many common home eletric faults by regular monitoring and checking.


  • Comes with warranty
  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • Pocket size
  • Easy to replace battery


  • No backlight in lcd

Tekpower Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter

best multimeter for home use

Next in our list is decently designed tekpower mastech home use multimeter. It comes with auto and manual range, which means you can set range according to your choice. Auto range could be a better option for beginners and hobbyists as they don,t have to change parameters through selector switch everytime before tests. Professional electricians or electronics engineers can use it on auto or manual range by their choice.

It comes with amazing range or voltage which is upt0 1000 volts ac or dc. But we will recommend you that you should not play with high voltage systems without proper knowledge and training. You can also check currents whether ac or dc upto 10 amps.

If your concern is safety, you,ll be pleased by this mastech home use multimeter. As it is designed for using at CAT 2 1000V CAT 3 600V level installations. You can imagine now how much it could be safe for applying it to small home use equipments when it has this level safety regulations. It also comes with overload and resetable fuse protections on all ranges.

You must have experience of weak or fast draining batteries of some cheap multimeters. In this case you don,t have to worry for early battery drainage as it has auto power off feature which can also be disable if you don,t want to use it. If it,s in enable position multimeter will power off automatically after some time of inactivity. Battery replacement procedure is much easier then you can expect. Only three aaa batteries are required to run multimeter which can be replaced anytime easily.

There is light and sound warning for wrongly connected banana jacks. It means whenever you connect test leads in wrong manner multimeter will indicate you that there is something wrong. For example, if you want to test voltage but forget to switch banana jack to voltage socket it will beep to indicate warning.


  • Best in budget
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Low battery warning
  • Led and beep indications
  • Probe holders space
  • Handsfree use


  • Not much accurate for mili amps

INNOVA 3320 Best home use Multimeter

best multimeter for home use

Innova is already a known name to electricians for producing heftier multimeters. They are specially designed with robust materials, ideal for long lasting use in rough tough environments. This innova 3320 variant is a best multimeter for home use when your primary concern is to find out voltage levels of mains supply and general batteries.

It comes with protective rubber guards which provides it extra protection from sudden falls during work. These rubber guards also gives meter a strong hefty looks. There is proper probes holding space available beside rubber guards where test leads can be placed conveniently after work.

As it comes with auto ranging scale so you don,t needs to set dial range everytime before conducting any test. Auto ranging capability makes it suitable for general home use where you can check basic parameters and solve ordinary wiring faults without calling electricians. So in other sense you can say that a good inexpensive home use multimeter can save you from heavy maintenance bills for minor problems sometimes.

There is a very advantegeous function included by innova in this awesome multimeter which is battery health indication by color coded led. It will give you overall battrey health status. While checking batteries if led indicates green it means that battery is in good health. If led turns to yellow that means there is some problem or battery is weak and if you got red color indication that will mean you should replace battery.

This basic home use multimeter is UL certified, comes with overload protections. It also has reverse polarity protection, which means multimeter will be safe if ever mistakenly test probes connected to circuit in wrong polarity. You can use it for variety of household electrical problems like home wiring faults, charging system issues , battery failures and many other issues.

Unfortunately there is no backlight in its lcd which is quite helpful for reading results in dim light areas. But this thing can be managed by using another flashlight.


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Rubber guards protection
  • Low battery indication
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Built in support stand
  • Test leads holder


  • No backlight in lcd
  • Only mili ac amps

Extech EX360 Compact Electrical True RMS MultiMeter

best multimeter for home use

If you want something extra in your home use multimeter within reasonable budget then extech ex360 could be a great choice for you. It comes with bunch of useful features and ideal accuracy level. It contains all the basic functions which should be included in a best multimeter for home use. Also you,ll get some extra benefits in relatively lower price.

True rms technolgy is a next level advance technology which is featured in all idustrial digital multimeters. Because of versatile load demands trms is a must have thing to strengthen accuracy in industrial multimeters. But what will be your reaction if you get a multimeter for general home use decored with true rms feature? Absoulutely it,ll be a great experience to have one like this.

Alongwith true rms it also has low impedance mode, which assures prevention of false readings due to stary and ghost voltages. You,ll also get anaolg styled bar graph to see signal behavior on lcd screen. If you have some know how of basic electrical theories bar graph can be so beneficial for you to understand signal waveforms.

Electrical testing could be dangerous for newbies or diy enthusiast in start when they had not much practice to test voltages and current safely. For these type of people extech,s ncv function is a true blessing. You can detect AC voltage in any circuit, switch or wiring by just switching multimeter,s dial to NCV without making contact. Also a led indicator is present which will indicate for voltage presence.

If we talk about other facilities provided in this adorable home use multimeter, then we would like to mention its peak hold ability which will hold peak value, auto shut off system with control to enable or disable it and a much useful relative mode which can be used for capacitance zero and other adjustments.

One thing we noticed that it,s relatively slower in auto range while in resistance checking mode.


  • Comes with warranty
  • Auto Power off
  • Good lcd view angle
  • Abs Plastic material
  • Built in magnet
  • Tilt stand in package


  • Bit slower in resistance auto range
  • No amps readings

Proster Best Clamp Meter for Home use

best multimeter for home use

This amazing clamp multimeter can ideally complete your electricians tools kit. You don,t needs a separate electrical tester if this proster best multimeter for electricians is with you. You can sort out all general house electric appliances faults and can check heavy currents with its high rated clamp.

Generally in homes people did,nt prefer a clamp meter as it,s supposed to be tool for profesional electricians who has proper knowledge ot its functioning. But as a matter of fact there is not much difference in a clamp amp meter and a general digital multimeter, you can operate it easily effortlessly.

It is equipped with true rms sensing, has auto range ability on all functions which is helpful for beginners. Also you,ll get non contact voltage tester, by which voltages can be detected with light indications whether from mains panels, live wires , naked switches and other electric applications. These types of features made it a best multimeter for beginners.

One more benefit of temperature measurement you,ll get by having this multimeter at your home. A k type thermocouple plug is included in package. With the help of that thermocouple plug temperature can be tested for range of -40 to 1000 centigrades.

We often needed to calculate total power consumption of different appliances or overall home use. For this a normal multimeter which comes with smaller range of measuring amps can,t fulfil your need. But this clamp meter can tell you exact realtime power consumption of trolling motors, lawn mowers, light bulbs, fans , oven , refrigerator and many other home appliances. You may also check overall power consumption through mains supply panel.

If you are a style and design lover then it will not disappoint you in this matter too. Having a slim ergonomic body, robust abs built material , gorgeous color scheme , soft function buttons and backlit lcd gives it a real stylish overlook.


  • 18 months warranty
  • Inexpensive
  • Abs material body
  • Zip pouch included
  • Auto off
  • Low battery indicator
  • Temperature measurements


  • Nothing noticeable

Etekcity Best Digital Multimeter for home use

best multimeter for home use

This etekcity Msr-r500 is best cheap multimeter available in market. It has almost all basic electrical and electronics parameters with swift response functionality. It has amazing sampling speed of 3 samples per second which we never expect from this price range multimeter.

You can test AC,DC voltages, DC amps , resistance and continuity by this best home use multimeter. An audible beep sound will produced by meter to tell you whether electric components and wiring are in working condition. It,s so helpful to find where,s the actual fault in lengthy household wiring systems.

A data hold button is available by which you can hold display reading during test to note it somewhere or some other purpose. Lcd is decored with bright backlight operable by button present on main interface just under lcd screen.

This manual range multimeter comes with valid overlaod protections on all ranges so you can use it without worrying about overload hazards. To protect multimeter from damage during accidental falls, rubberized sleeves are present across its body.

It could be a perfect option for electrical internees and diy beginners as they don,t have to spend much bucks for expensive multimeters. They,ll get all their basic needs done witth this quality low budget home multimeter. It still comes with good safety standards beside its cheap price. After rigrous testing it got IEC certification, safe to use for CAT level 1 and 2 installations.

It comes with a builtin back support stand which makes its handfree use possible. You can do hobby electronics in your garrage lab or workshop while placing multimeter by backstand in front of you. Test leads are also seems good in quality, they come with protective caps.


  • 2 Year warranty
  • Built in support stand
  • High sampling speed
  • Test leads with caps
  • Protective sleeves
  • IEC certifications


  • No ac amps measurements

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