Best Multimeter Brands 2021- Everyone Should know About

Suppose you are in a famous market of your town looking for hiking shoes, what would you focus the most before buying? In my opinion it would be traction, wieght , durability and offcourse comfort which is the most important factor. And if you find a brand with all these characteristics it will gain all your trust and satisfaction. Same as in the case of multimeters the brand which is reliable, accurate and having rugged multimeters will called as best multimeter brands.

Till today there are dozens of brands manufacturing digital and analog multimeters. Every company has their own goals and target populations for bussines growth. So we can,t make opinion about a manufaturer after checking one or two of their products. For this purpose we should see whether majority of their multimeters come under quality standards or not? Let us resolve this issue for you as we already have experience about good multimeter brands.

Cutting it short below we,ll discuss about best multimeter brand and reasons behind their success aswell.

Fluke Corporation

Every electrician and electrical engineer working around the globe has no doubt in it that no other brand can meet fluke class. They are regarded as leader in market, even people test other multimeters by matching their results with fluke meters. Fluke corporation was founded in 1948 in everet wahington by john fluke sr. So technically its a pure american brand, working in number of countries around the globe now a days.

If someone asked us about to tell three main factors behind fluke success, we would say it without a pause accuracy, safety and durability. Some old folks will verify it that some fluke multimeters which they managed to carry for around 20 – 30 years and still they are giving pin point accuracy. Fluke meters also come with protection against overloads, spikes and surges upto 8kv. All their meters are properly insulated and have body protective covers.

Alhough these meters are much expensive then competitors but also providing us only laboratory calibrated and rigorously tested best multimeters. They have products for every type of field, like you may get some basic machines for general or home use like fluke 101 or 106. For intermediate pricing you may go with 110 series like fluke 117 , 115 and 114. For next level heavy duty industrial operations they have options of fluke 87 v and 175.

Technologies like true rms, analog bar graph, low impedance mode , ncv , data logging , compatibility with smart phones through apps or bluetooth are common in fluke multimeters. Price range is also much flexible covering form 100 bucks to 1000 bucks.

Common features

  • Auto/manual ranging
  • Nist certification
  • Data logging( with pc or mobiles)
  • True rms readings
  • CAT 4 1000V, CAT 3 1000V safety ratings
  • Milli/micro amps, milli volt testing
  • Low impedance mode
  • Analog bar graph
  • Lab calibration/ testing
  • Upto 3 meters drop protections
  • Data recording
  • Low pass filter for Vfd,s

Klien tools

It,s another famous old tools company working since 1857, based in illinois usa. Klien tools has history of making 3800 different types of tools including screwdrivers, tool bags, bolt cutters , conduit benders and offcourse multimeters. We liked their meters due to soft elegant design, supreme accuracy , sturdier body and safety features. Klien multimeters are very near to fluke if it comes to accuracy for voltage, current and ohms findings.

Klien multimeters are relatively thinner in size, have very simple to understand interface. It would be best choice for diy electronics hobbyists to use these meters. Unlike fluke they are available at reasonable price range with no compromise over quality. Multimeters like mm300 and clamp meter cl800 are best for both industrial and commercial use. Its meters with temperature probe provides much ease for hvac electricians intheir routine tasks.

Common features

  • Auto ranging
  • Input protections/ overload protections
  • Temperature testing
  • Trms sensing
  • CAT IV 600V ratings
  • Loz mode
  • Handsfree use
  • Abs body
  • Diode test


Amprobe is another giant in multimeter industry, with a significant share in market. They are regarded as first manufacturer of clamp meter which resolve alot problems of electricians. Through clamp amp we can detect current in any circuit without breaking it. Amprobe multimeters are specially built for electricians with CAT safety ratings, current and voltage ranges, ohms , capacitance and frequency measurements.

Amprobe,s most rated meter is AM-570 which is considered as a cheap in lue of some expensive multimeters like fluke. We also liked this meter and had included it in our reviews because of its unique performance. Another positive point of this brand is its affordability, as most of its products lies between 80 to 130 dollars. Due to this fact we can also consider this brand as best budget multimeters. Here less budget does,nt mean any compromise over quality or accuracy.

As a matter of fact we admit here that these reasonable multimeters have not much lengthy lifespan like fluke. But that,s logical when one product has much less price then other.

Common features

  • Auto/man range
  • NCVT
  • Relative zero mode
  • True rms
  • Min/max readings
  • Data holding
  • Low pass filter
  • Overload protection
  • CAT safety ratings

Innova Electronics

Innova digital multimeters are another example of classy multimeters at lower price. It,s a usa based company having head quarter at california. Their meters have latest features like with true rms, auto ranging , low impedance , fused protection and rubberized guards around meter body to provide protection against sudden fall damages.

Their masterpiece innova 3340 gained popularity among automotive electricians due to its efficiency for auto troubleshooting. It,s designed to solve core engine issues , prevents damage to engine control unit, alternator checkup and to do routine maintenance operations. You may also check rpm through its tachometer. That,s why we recommend this brand for automative use.

Anyhow we can,t limitize it to automative use only, they are good options to utilize them for commercial, labs , homes or medium level industrial use.

Some other specialities we found in innova multimeters are their rugged body, broad lcd screens , body protective sleeves and variety of functions within reasonable price range. This brand gives warranty on all of its products.

Common features

  • Low input impedance
  • UL certifications
  • Rubber protective sleeves
  • Auto range
  • Rpm meter
  • Alternator checking
  • Engine checking
  • Temperature test
  • Built in stand
  • Inexpensive
  • Saftey regulations

Mastech Multimeters

It,s a china based company which has warehouse setup in usa, mexico , spain and some other countries. Whenever we want to conclude a list of affordable quality multimeters mastech will always be a part of that list. This best multimeter brand is known for providing some extra functions other then basic electrical parameters that are humidity sensor, sound intensity meter and lux or light meter which are present in its standard product Mastech MS8229.

If you are looking for a less price but accurate and reliable multimeter then mastech is really a worth having meter. Other features in this brand are backlit lcds, lighted jacks warning, diode testing , relative mode to find difference between readings and data holding.

Common features

  • Range flexibility
  • Micro/milli amps measurements
  • High voltage measurements
  • Temperature readings
  • Relative readings
  • Sound intensity meter
  • Humididty sensor
  • Light intensity/lux meter
  • Backlit lcds

Brymen( Greenlee) Multimeters

Greenlee or brymen is a taiwan based company manufacturing test instruments since 1993. many electricians know this multimeters brand as greenle multimeters but the main company is brymen. This brand has mid range multimeters which are slightly expensive then amprobe or mastech type brands but you,ll also get a compact multimeter with good specifications. They are also considered as medium range substitute to fluke multimeters due to their sepcs. Compatability.

Many of greenlee meters comes with true rms sensing ability, higher voltage range which may be upto 1000v , CAT 4 ratings make them a pure industrial multimeter. Its meters like Greenlee DM-830A is designed to work at high load environments alongwith all safety requirement. Other specialities are pc logging, data recording, plastic holsters which provide body protection, clear lcd view angle , backlight and ergonomic body shape.

Common features

  • True rms readings
  • Backlight alert for continuity
  • UL listing
  • CAT 4 rating
  • Milli/micor amps test
  • Data recording
  • Body protections
  • Kick stand
  • Temperature measurements


Extech instruments founded in 1971 at waltham massachsetts, united states. They had proven them by providing a wide range of medium priced classy multimeters in market. They are manufacturing many other tools aswell other then digital multimetrs. Extech meters have large range of parameters like voltage, amps, frquency , non contact voltage detection, temperature testing , capacitance and much more.

We liked this best multimeters brand due to their sleek make design, good response speed , simple interface and safety protections. One of its multimeter Extech EX330 is a pocket size dmm which can ideally fits into your unifrom pocket and you may move anywhere without carrying a tool bag for meter. They have a flexible price range which covers lower to medium range multimeters.

Common features

  • Auto ranging
  • NCVT
  • DATA holding
  • Temperature measuement
  • Rubberized holster for outer safety
  • Small size meter
  • Broader lcd
  • Tilt stand
  • AAA batteries
  • Fuse protections
  • CAT rating


Kaiweets is another china based company which got thousands of positive feedbacks by online consumers. Just like other chinese multimeters kaiweets multimeters are available at very affordable price range mostly under 100. We loved to add their meters in our reviews due to their worthy functionalaties and some usefull add ons like lighted jacks to tell user about correct port connections.

Kaiweets multimeters come with latest features and yet available at very reasonable price, that gives it an edge over competitors. Generally we get these type of characteristics only in expensive multimeters like liquid temperature testing, analog bar graph, true rms, data retention , CE and Rohs certifictaions and safety regulations like CAT ratings. All these you can get in kaiweets multimeters like in kaiweets HT118A.

With this variety of functionalities they are a suitable brand for various applications like hvac , automotive , general home use or industrial isnstallations. They had been added useful audio and visual indications for guiding about situation like lcd color changing over 80v/10 A, light and audio warning for non contact voltage detection and lighted jacks to indicate about right test lead port.

Common features

  • Trms reading
  • IEC considerations
  • Analog bar graph
  • Auto ranging
  • Auto power off
  • CE, Rohs certified
  • Non contact voltage test
  • Builtin Flashlight
  • Sound and light indication
  • Lighted jack ports
  • High volts range
  • Broad backlit lcd

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