Best Clamp Meters Reviews in 2023 – Fluke tops the list

If you need a complete set of electric parameters in one tool then clamp meters are really made for you. Generally, digital multimeters are designed with fewer amps testing capacity which is usually up to 20 A. A best clamp meter can give you an amazing range for both voltage and currents which can vary from 100 to 1000 volts or amperes. They are specially built for heavy duty industrial level testing, but you can also choose some lite variants for common or home use.

Professional electricians always prefer clamp meters because of convenient amp testing with their amp clamp only, no need to make contact. You can also use it at your workshop as general purpose multimeter. There’s not much difference between a general multimeter and clamp meter, you can use it easily with little electrical knowledge. In our best clamp multimeter reviews, we analyzed quality digital clamp meters and selected the best of them for you.

Top 8 Best Clamp Multimeters Comparison

Image Name Ratings Price
325 Fluke Clamp on Amp Meter
600V AC/DC
400 A AC
40 k ohm R
1000 uF Cap.
F 500 hz
-10.0°C to 400.0°C
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Klein Tools CL800 Digital Clamp Meter 1000 V AC/DC
600 A AC/DC
60 mega ohm R
600 uF Cap.
500 Khz F
-26 to 538 °C

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Uni-T B4Q094 Mini clamp meter 600V AC/DC
100 A AC/DC
20 mega ohm R
20 mF Cap.

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UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter 750V AC
1000V DC
400 A AC
40 mega ohm R
4000 uF Cap.
100 khz F

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Fluke 376FC True-RMS Clamp Meter with iFlex 1000V AC/DC
1000 A AC/DC
2500 A AC iflex
60 k ohm R
1000 uF Cap.
500 hz F
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BSIDE ACM91 Digital Clamp Meter 600V AC/DC
100 A AC/DC
60 mega ohm R
6000 uf Cap.
1000 hz F
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Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter 600V AC/DC
400 A AC
20 mega ohm R

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Fieldpiece SC260 Clamp Multimeter 600V AC/DC
400 A AC
4 mF Cap.
40 mega ohm R
-35 to 400 ℃
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How we concluded this list of best Clamp Meters in 2023?

With our electricians day to day practical experience and research, we made a rough list of 25 standard clamp meters. After that with the scrutiny process, we finalized this final list. The process behind the selection was a criterion of meter that it should be accurate, safe to use, easy to handle, with more features, have warranty, safety ratings, and a positive feedback from users.

Now the issue is how you can check which clamp meter is suitable for your work when there are dozens of products available. After reading our reviews for the best clamp meters you can easily decide which clamp meter you should buy that can serve you well according to your job demands. We have included meters in this list after strict criteria and a scrutiny process, you can select anyone from them without any worry.

Best Amp Clamp Meters 2023 Reviews

1. 325 Fluke Amp Clamp Meter

best clamp meter

Here is fluke’s highly rated clamp multimeter 325 which has superb accuracy and durable features. It has all related functions for every type of electrical or electronic work. Primarily it’s designed according to industrial demands where reliability and precision are most wanted things in multimeters. Also robust built material assures its frequent use in environments with wear and tear.

If you want a mid range clamp meter to measure amps then this meter is for you. In comparison to other clamp ampmeters fluke 325 gives the most reliable and accurate results for high currents or voltages. That’s why we place it first in our list of best clamp meters. If budget is not an issue for you it can also serve you as your best multimeter for home use.


  • It is rated for CAT 4 300V and CAT 3 600V level installations, having proper safety features for using at high loads.
  • After rigorous testing at labs got certified by IEC, meeting its safety standard 61010-1.
  • Properly calibrated in fluke and third party labs .
  • Can be used to test AC/DC Voltage 600, AC amps 400, 4kohm resistance, 1000uF capacitance and 500 hz frequency.
  • Having some extra functions like temperature measurements in range of -10.0°C to 400.0°C quite useful for hvac applications.
  • True root mean square sensing enhanced its accuracy and preciseness to ultimate perfection.
  • Min/max record is available to check signal fluctuations after test.
  • You can check current in wires up to 30mm thick through its jaw opening clamp without touching or interrupting the main circuit.
  • Continuity test is provided with audible sensor, which will indicate whether circuit is ok or not.
  • Having a slim ergonomic body shape, ideally fits in hand to provide ease in work.
  • Has a good size lcd with backlight helpful for working in low light locations.
  • It comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.
  • Test leads are fine in quality, lengthy in size so you can take readings at congested places and high rise control panels.
  • You’ll get warranty for this clamp meter by fluke.
  • There is an option to buy it with NIST certificate by spending some extra bucks.


  • Comes with warranty
  • Accurate
  • Durability
  • Backlit LCD
  • Carry bag included in package
  • Safety ratings


  • Expensive
  • No dc amps measurements

2. Klein Tools Best Multimeter with Amp Clamp

best clamp meter

Obviously, if we want a super quality extra efficient product we have to spend some more money on it. But that’s not completely true, you still can find standard multimeters at a relatively lower price than others. This klien cl800 is one of those high rated clamps on dc ammeters that comes at less price than their expensive competitors.

We really liked a lot this awesome clamp meter because of its next level joyful user experience, accuracy, extra functions, and stylish design. This best clamp meter for electricians is built by professional team of klien tools who have reliable repute in multimeter manufacturing.

You may use it as a home multimeter also due to auto range facility, through which you don’t need to set ranges first before testing parameters.


  • It comes with valid safety ratings for usage at CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V level installations, however we recommend to get proper training sessions first before using clamp meters at high voltage systems.
  • Comes with amazing capacity to test voltage up to 1000V AC/DC and 600 A current AC /DC, 60 mega ohm resistance, 600uF capacitance and 500 khz frequency.
  • Temperature test facility is available with range of -26 to 538 degree centigrades.
  • It has default low impedance mode, which helps to eliminate false voltages like ghost or stray voltage which may affect readings.
  • TRMS technology made it perfect for using at both stable and nonstable systems. General multimeters without trms can’t give right results for non linear loads like variable frequency drives or soft starters. This state of the art technology now has become a must have thing in modern clamp meters.
  • Low battery indication is a nice addition, helpful to enhance battery life.
  • Has a hefty outer body structure, specially built with 2 meter drop protection which is already tested. With this class strong material it coulbe be best option for using at rough tough environments like automotive and industrial applications.
  • Operating temperature 0 to 40 centigrade, altitude limit 2000m.
  • Lcd can display numbers upto 6000 counts.
  • NCV functions helps to detect voltage in live circuits without making contact, you just have to hold ncv button and put clamp tip across the circuit. Clam meter will indicate you whether voltage is present or not in that circuit.
  • Data hold button available at main interface will hold data, so you may note it for record purpose.
  • It has memory record so you may see signal behavior in details.
  • Built in worklight is beneficial to provide light while working in dark locations.
  • After some time of inactive position clamp meter will automatically power off to save battery.


  • Extra current and voltage range
  • Auto ranging
  • Robust design
  • Backlit lcd
  • Builtin work light
  • 2 meter drop protection
  • Less price


  • Limited warranty

3. Uni-T Best Mini Ac Dc Clamp Meter

best clamp meter

While including best clamp meters in our list our first priority was the best user experience. Only a best accurate and easy to operate durable clamp meter can give us a valuable user experience. If you are searching for a clamp meter for home use, we will surely recommend you this uni-T mini clamp meter.

You can use it to find the current flowing in electric appliances, medium power motors, trolling motors, automotive circuits, and many other electric devices.

It is one of the most rated clamp meters by customers, still available at a very low price. It could be a great choice as best budget multimeter for Internee electronics and electrical engineers who can use it for learning purposes. Who among us not want a standard reliable electrical clamp meter in less budget.


  • Built with astonsihing safety ratings of cat 3 300v and cat 2 600v, we rarely found a clamp meter of this price range with these categories safety ratings.
  • Ratings = AC/DC 600V , AC/DC 100A , R 20MΩ , Cap. 20mF ,
  • Worthfull True RMS make sure to give accurate results for voltage, frequency, resistance and currents for non sinsoidal loads.
  • You can test voltage in switches, outlets and other live circuits without making contact by its NCV function. A buzzer beep indication with display will indicate strength of voltage signal.
  • Data holding option is provided operable through button present beside lcd display, you may use it to freeze readings during test.
  • Lcd equipped with bright backlight, 2000 counts display
  • Easy to operate auto ranging option available for the people who don’t have much knowledge how to set range manually. So you don’t need to be trained electrician to check your household supply voltage.
  • Clamp is rated for thickness of wires upto 17mm .
  • After every 15 minutes of inactive position clamp meter will shut off automatically to avoid extra battery drainage.


  • Best in budget
  • Unique design
  • True rms sensing
  • Zero mode
  • Non contact volts test
  • Auto range Backlit lcd


  • No warranty
  • Not much accurate for milli dc amps
  • No temperature measurements

4. UEi Best Clamp Meter for Electricians

best clamp meter

Best clamp meter for hvac should be a multimeter with the ability to give a continuous uninterruptible performance. Whether for industrial or commercial use we can’t waste time and money on cheap low quality multimeters. The bucks we may save through buying less price low quality clamp meters can lead to a bigger loss than our savings.

Uei is a well know name if we talk about clamp meters. They had produced many best quality clamp meters in low budget but no compromise on accuracy and proficiency. You can compete it with any other expensive clamp meter in terms of right results and durability. We also loved its slimmer body shape and elegant design which gives it a dominating look.


  • Compatible to use for Cat 3 600V applications.
  • Can be used to read current upto 400 A AC through mangnetic flux by using clamp.
  • Rated for voltage 750 AC/ 1000 DC .
  • Comes with auto range option.
  • Resistance can be check upto 40MΩ , also you may test continuity to analyze faults in electric wiring and equipments.
  • Will not disappoint you in any parameter of your need, comes with extra ratings of capacitance 4000μF , Frequency upto 100 khz.
  • Duty cycle is another exceptional feature, helpful for detail examination of ups and downs of signals under test.
  • Provides you safety in your troubleshoot operations by ncv through which it can sense voltage presence contactleslly in any panel supply, breakers or other circuits.
  • Has proper Min/max memory record to assist you in finding previous test results for research purpose.
  • Carry pouch is included in package, so you can easily take it anywhere by keeping test leads and clamp meter at one place.
  • Another unique feature of dual display is provided in this uei clamp on meter which means you can see two readings at a time.
  • Test leads needles are good in length helpful to make contact at congested places, comes with test leads caps for environment protection when not in use.
  • Built with state of the art abs plastic material, which guarantees its extra durability and prolonged operational life.
  • Low battery indicator with display lock is a new addition to save battery and meter from unavoidable loss.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Dual display
  • Abs built material
  • Auto ranging
  • Min/max records
  • Zipper pouch included
  • Easy to access battery compartment


  • No backlight in lcd
  • No true rms
  • No dc amps

5. 376FC True-RMS Fluke Clamp Multimeter

best clamp meter

Are you fed up with cheap clamp meters? which were responsible for your distraction from the real cause of electric problems due to high errors in their readings. There is a number of companies that claims to produce quality clamp meter but a few has reliable accuracy and precision. Fluke clamp meters are most trusted by electricians and electrical engineers when we don’t want to waste time checking different meters and do their comparison for accuracy levels.

We admit that reading reviews and analyzing clamp meters to select a best clamp meter is a time taking process. But there is a solution to every problem. If you are ready to spend extra bucks or have an organizational budget no other option is better for you than fluke clamp meters.

This fluke ampere meter is decored with advanced level innovative technologies for better teamwork and communication in electric troubleshoot operations. It can connect to smartphones, generate detailed reports, and records data for a better understanding of signals behavior.


  • True rms sensing technology with labaortory testing and calibration had elevated its accuracy to next higher level.
  • Comes with great current , voltage and other parameters testing limits which are 1000 amps AC/DC and 2500 amps AC through iflex, 1000V AC/DC , 60 k ohm resistance, 1000uf capacitance and 500 hz frequency.
  • Can be connected to smart phone through bluetooth, so make posibble to see results at safe distance from high arc zones.
  • You can send reports and realtime signal response sent by clamp meter to your manager or team fellows through fluke connect app or software within work premises.
  • It can record and generated reports wirelessly so no need to note readings and other records manually.
  • Comes with flexible current testing probe iflex having a very high capacity of amps test which is up to 2500 A, extremely helpful to check currents from thick conductors at congested places.
  • Have valid safety regulations and certifications, safe to use for CAT 3 1000V, CAT 4 600V installations.
  • Magnetic hanger included in package which can help you to do test from safe distance while hanging clamp meter to some panel with help of magnetic hanger.
  • Zippered pouch is included in package for safe storage and transportation of kit.
  • Low pass filter for best posibble accuracy of variable frequency drives vfd readings.


  • 3 year warranty
  • Connected to phone by fluke app
  • Online report generation and team sharing
  • Record memory
  • Accuracy
  • Carry pouch in package
  • Low pass filter
  • True RMS readings


  • Expensive
  • Needs skills to operate
  • Only for industrial use

6. BSIDE Best Clamp Meter for Automotives

best clamp meter

Electrical and electronics are much vast fields than we can imagine. You can,t use one digital multimeter or clamp meter for all applications, as every field has its own demands and needs which can,t be fulfilled by a single multimeter. That’s why companies designed their tools with respect to specifications and parameters needed where they had to be used.

Similarly, a best clamp meter for automotives should be a meter with the capacity to read micro or mili amps, volts without error, and noise. We understand automotive electricians had to cope with very complex advanced circuitry and engine control units where there is no space for errors and omissions.

This bside ACM91 digital clamp multimeter is built with special considerations to automotive needs. It comes with almost all functions and parameters needed for automotive,s fault finding. Bside has good reviews from customers in accuracy and reliability than other automotive clamp meters.


  • Comes with awesome resolution of AC/DC 0.1 mili amps and 0.1 uA, 100 A AC/DC , 0.001 TO 600V AC/DC , Resistance 60MΩ , Capacitance 6000 uF , Frequency 1000 hz and temperature measurement limit of -20℃~500℃ .
  • Trms sensing assures its reliability for acquiring perfect and precise actual readings.
  • Auto ranging facility is good for newbies and hobbyists, so they don’t need to set range manually everytime before tests. Also helpful for pro electrians to save time.
  • Amazing Volt alert technology through NCV tester helps in early detection of live circuits and voltages without making physical contact.
  • You’ll get additional temperature measurements facility beneficial for checking engine, compressor and radiator temperature. You can use it for hvac applications also.
  • Dual line display to show two readings at a time on screen.
  • Along with trure rms it also has low impedance mode for perfect results through elimination of false voltages.
  • 6000 counts display
  • Comes with audible buzzer indication for checking circuits and devices functionalities.
  • Carry case included in package.
  • Comes with built in back clip for making sure its portable use, also you can hang it to belt or unifrom,s pocket for easy traveling.
  • Backlit lcd.


  • True rms sensing
  • Dual display readings
  • Inexpensive but reliable
  • Multipurpose
  • Additional features
  • Lcd with backlight Auto range


  • No warranty
  • Batteries not included
  • Low amperes range

7. Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter

best clamp meter

Are you disappointed due to failed search for a good quality accurate best clamp meter? We can understand your situation, we also didn’t expect such accuracy from a less price or cheap multimeter. Many producers claimed their products are best in results in spite of comparative less price than quality multimeters, but we found their claim is void.

It,s hard to find a standard low price meter like this etekcity digital clamp on multimeter. It serves you with all basic functions with ultimate swift response and fine results. We are satisfied by its performance hence included in this top clamp meters list. It could be a best choice for electrical internees and hobbyists to start with a low budget but quality multimeter.


  • Auto ranging ability makes it quite feasible for students and newbies so they can get rid of complex manual range setting system.
  • CAT 2 600V safety.
  • Can accurately calculate AC/DC 600V , AC 400 amps and 20MΩ resistance .
  • Continuity test facility is available with beep indication.
  • Could be applied to check current drawn by wires upto 26mm thickness.
  • Data holding option is much advantageous if you want to note signal response on notepad for research purposes.
  • Has a unique function of telling maximum reading during examination of signal.
  • Auto sleep mode can save battery charging and enhance overall battery life. Multimeter will went to sleep mode automatically after 15 minutes of activity everytime.
  • Hand carry pouch is included for easy handling.
  • Built with strong environment resistive abs material which guarantees its durability.
  • Easy to handle longetive AAA batteries with smoothly accessible battery compartment.
  • Comes with manufacturer’s warranty and life time support.


  • Best in budget
  • 2 year warranty
  • Auto range selection
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Abs material


  • No dc amps measurement
  • No backlight in lcd

8. Fieldpiece SC260 Best amp meter for hvac

best clamp meter

Fieldpiece is a known name for producing nice quality professional clamp on current meters. Specially hvacr tech will love to use it due to the higher available temperature range and other important functions. We like its robust body with old fashioned outer design. Also, it got very positive reviews and high ratings by users especially for hvac.

Fieldpiece SC260 is a medium price range clamp meter that can compete with any expensive clamp meter if you want to test accuracy and speedy response. This compact clamp meter could also be used as general home use multimeter for ordinary routine tasks at homes. You don’t need to have corporational budget to buy this awesome electric tool.


  • Designed to give accurate results for 400 amps AC, 600V AC/DC , 4 mF capacitance , 40MΩ resistance and -35 to 400 centigrade temperature reading.
  • UL certified best clamp meter for hvac.
  • True rms technology is responsible for correct error free results both for linear and non linear loads.
  • NCV or non contact volt detection is available for detecting thermostats for 24v dc, bare switches , wall outlet supply, live wires and many other devices and circuits. You just have to select ncv function from slector switch before test, a red led will lighten and beep sound will indicate presence of voltage.
  • Memory record can be seen for minimum and maximum reading of signal.
  • Auto range clamp meter.
  • Comes with a built in magnet at back side of clamp meter. We think it should be included in all clamp meters for their safe portable use.
  • Data holding is another beneficial function.
  • Medium size lcd is equipped with blue bright backlight, which assures convenient display view at dark areas.
  • Low battery indication
  • APO(auto power off) is extremely helpful to save battery and prolong usuage.
  • Rated for CAT 3 600V
  • Temperature probe is included in package for frequent use.
  • 4000 counts display


  • Trms technology
  • NCVT
  • Min/max function
  • Accurate
  • Builtin magnetic hanger
  • Easy battery replacement


  • Limited warranty
  • No dc current test

Best Clamp Meter Buying Guide

If you are still not clear to choose which clamp on digital multimeter can complete your needs perfectly. Don’t worry we will guide you completely about clamp on meters in this buyer guide, your confusion will end here. The selection of electric tools like clamp and multimeters is a sensitive matter and it demands time and research of various products.

Current clamp meters are basically the same as general digital multimeters with higher current testing capacity additionally. We can say that clamps are an advanced form of multimeters except in some cases where clamp meters are designed specifically to current testing approach. Where DMM comes with a wide range of electronics features like capacitance, frequency, duty cycles, resistance, and other functions some clamp meters may lack one or more basic parameters.

First of all, you should focus on the features and functions of clamp meter, it should fulfill your job’s demand. For example, many clamp meters come with ac current capacity only, so if you have to work on dc circuits also then you should buy a meter with both ac and dc current test facility.

What an ideal Clamp Meter should have? Must know before buying

Following are some important points to consider before taking any decision.

  • It should have true rms technology for better accuracy on all types of loads.
  • Low impedance mode (Loz) is another vital feature that eliminates ghost voltage and may affect results.
  • Just as common saying “safety comes first” a best clamp meter should be rated for CAT 2,3 and 4 installations. It should have overload protection on all ranges.
  • It’s ok if you are good at understanding manual range, otherwise go for auto range clamp meter as they can save time and easy to understand.
  • Clamp size is a major point to keep in mind while going for best product, clamp size determines rating or ability of clamp meter to read current.
  • Make sure that your multimeter can also measure dc current if you need to check dc currents regularly.
  • Clamp meter’s built material is a worthy factor for durability and survival in rough tough environments.
  • Display should be wide and clear from all viewing angles. Backlight is a must thing for lcds to work in low light areas.
  • Memory record is so beneficial for making a comparison of signal behavior, mostly multimeters come with Min/max and peak records.
  • A good clamp meter with low quality battery can annoy you more than a cheap multimeter. So never compromise on battery grade and also notice that clamp meter’s battery compartment should be easily accessible with easy battery replacement procedure.
  • Almost all companies give warranty on their poducts but only a few of them do it in a better way with live support and replacement procedures. Clamp meters should come with a convenient warranty policy because of their specific job nature.

Types of clamp meters

There are basically two types of clamp meters,

Ct clamp meters

This type of clamp meter has current transformers within them for measuring ac current in amps.

Hall effect clamp meters

This type of meter has the ability to detect both ac and dc amps.

Frequently Asked Questions


After completing the list we were convinced that fluke clamp meter is undoubtedly the best in terms of safety, higher ampere measuring capacity, robust and long lasting design. Anyhow you may choose anyone from these best clamp meters. It depends on what nature of task one wants to do, like for a general use you don’t need a expensive fluke.

We recommend to use clamp meters for current measurements, specially if you are not an experienced person. A plus point is, clamp meter will do all other tasks also what a digital multimeter can do so. So why one should not prefer a clamp amp meter over dmm?