Confused About Best Analog Multimeter? Here is Top 10 List With Reviews

Right after invention of electricity in 1820,s , a device called galvanometer was invented to measure current. It was actually earlier form of analog multimeter. Today we are enjoying troubleshooting through advance level digital multimeters. But still best analog multimeter can give that pinpoint accuracy, which lacks in many modern world multimeters.

As trained electricians you have to deal with complex faults and maintenance operations in routine. Also for common and enthusiast,s use accuracy is most demanding thing when it comes to selection of a multimeter. For that we strongly recommend analogue multimeters as they are so simple to operate, needs much less effort and comes with amazing preciseness.

Analog multimeters are conventional tools need less maintenance, having hefty strucuture, simple to operate and ofcourse not a big burden on your pocket like expensive digital multimeters. Specialy for trainee and diy enthusiasts this could turn into a valuable gift. You can test voltage, current and many other parameters by these analog volt ohm meters.

Image Name Ratings Price
Simpson 260-8 12388 Black Analog Multimeter AC/DC 1000V
250A AC
10A DC
R 20 M ohm
-20 to +50dB

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Gardner Bender GMT-319 Multimeter 1000A AC/DC
10A DC
R 10 M ohm
-8 to +62dB

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Tekpower TP8260L Analog Multimeter AC/DC 1000V
DC 10 A
R 20 mega ohm

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Gardner Bender GMT-312 Analog Multimeter AC/DC 300V
150 m.A DC
R 1 mega ohm
-20 to +56dB

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Hioki 3030-10 Analog Multimeter AC/DC 600V
DC 300 mA
R 3 K-ohm
-20 to 150 celcuis

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Tekpower 20-Range Analog Multimeter 500V AC/DC
10 A DC
R 20 M ohm

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Triplett Hand-Sized Analog Multimeter 1200V AC/DC
0.6A DC
R 20 M ohm

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Gardner Bender GMT-318 Analog Multimeter AC/DC 500V
250 mA DC
R 50K
-20 to +56dB
250 Ma fuse

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Elenco M105 15 Range Compact VOM 1000V AC/DC
250 m.A DC
Battery 9v
10k ohms

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Sanwa Em7000 Analog Multimeter 1000V DC
AC 750V
6 A AC
R 20 M ohm

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If you are really serious to buy an analog meter and confused on dozens of products available in market then this review can help you well. First of all you should be clear about your needs and learning level. Dont, ever buy a product only on basis of its features. You should first emphasize that which product can sort out your issues fastly.

We as team of electrical proffesionals conclude a list of top analog multimeters. We reviewed them in deep with all their positive and negative aspects to provide you ease in selection. Please have a look on reviews given below,

Best Analogue Multimeters 2021 Reviews

1. Simpson 260-8 Best Analog Vom

best analog multimeter

Simpson 260 is a very old lad in world or analog multimeters. It,s known for its unmatch accuracy, comfort of use and durability. The very first attraction of this supreme quality analog multimeter is it,s pure usa based manufacturing. So some people who have concerns over quality and trust issues, they can have it with blind faith.

It has a wide range or ac, dc current and voltage measurements as well as resistance testing. If we talk about safety, it will not let you down as come with reverse/recessed safety jacks to save user and tool from physical contact to electrical components. Strong shield across meter,s body asures safety from sudden shocks during movement.

We found is so simple to use, with extra features, accurate and easy to handle handy electrical tool.

Key features

  1. Full control by only two knobs, by which you can select functions and ranges.
  2. Tri colored display with mirrored scale to eliminate risk of parallax errors.
  3. Rugged structure phonelic case to provide extra durability.
  4. Overload protection by relay circuit.
  5. Built in handle for easy traveling.
  6. Safety jacks to prevent operator contact to electrical connections.
  7. AC/DC 1000V , 250A AC , 10A DC , R 20 M ohm , -20 to +50dB decibel

Things we like

  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • High range meter
  • Safety considerations
  • Overload protective

Things we don,t like

  • Expensive then others

2. Gardner Bender GMT-319 Best Analog Multimeter for Electricians

best analog multimeter

We already had included gardner bender analog multimeters in this list. Reason behind adding another gardner bender multimeter tester is its ultra professional make design. People called it little great, and that really suits it. It,s basically a 19 range 7 function multimeter which has many adorable features.

This manual range analog multimeter has a easy to read colored display. They added mirror scale to eliminate risk of optical errors. These errors generate due to false deviation of meter needle from actual due to view angle or visibility issues. It has overload protections of fuse circuitry which is agency approved.

You can test voltage, current , ohms and continuity through this analog meter.

Key features

  1. 20 positions rortory dial of well elaborated ranges, colored markings.
  2. Fuse overload protection circuits are built in to protect meter .
  3. Mirror scale to avoid parallax errors.
  4. Decibel measurements to find transistor gain of eletronic circuits.
  5. Battery tester in range of 1.5v to 9v with battery,s health indication.
  6. Zero ohm adjustment feature in dial allows to reset ohm setting, also to perform internal battery test function.
  7. 1000A AC/DC , 10A DC , R 10 M ohm , -8 to +62dB

Things we like

  • Profesional multi tester
  • Inexpensive
  • Mirrored scale
  • Transistor gain measurements
  • Color coded display

Things we don,t like

  • No AC current measurements

3. Tekpower TP8260L Best Analog Multi Meter

best analog multimeter

Tekpower is a well known brand for producing a vide range of quality multimeters. We had reviewed many digital multimeters and found them best in all aspects alongwith their relatively lower price in market.

This tekpower analog multimeter is advance shape of analog multimeters. From very start analog meters are usually built in simpler way, with no additional functions or add ons due to their controled price. But this TP8260L is really a modern analog multimeter as it has more convenient wider display with backlight, covers dc current and ac/dc voltage readings, transistor check point , stylish rotory range illustration and overload protections.

We can say it a best analog multimeter of these days no doubt due to all factors which make it a multimeter better then others. You,ll really enjoy its supreme use experience.

Key features

  1. Built according to standards and terms of EN61010/IEC1010 . Also compatible to apply at heavy load installations like CAT II 600V, 20Kohm/V,DC, 8Kohm/V AC .
  2. Transistior test is available with help of transistor socket which is present on main interface. Also a led indication accompany the test.
  3. Wide display screen comes with backlight.
  4. Colored display reading indications, helpful to differentiate between various parameters.
  5. Meter is enclosed in protective case which is helpful to reduce probability of damage against falls and shocks.
  6. Decibel value in this meter is to check transistor gain measurement in electronic circuits, it should not be confused with sound intensity.
  7. Test leads included in package.
  8. AC/DC 1000V , DC 10 A , Resistance 20 mega ohm , Continuity , diode test , decibel measurements.

Things we like

  • 1 Year warranty
  • IEC listed
  • CAT ratings
  • Protective case
  • Display Backlight

Things we don,t like

  • No Ac amps measurements
  • Design is not much impressive

4. Gardner Bender GMT-312 Analog Volt Ohm Meter

best analog multimeter

This gardner bender analog multimeter is most reliable and high rated multimeter available in today online market. Due to its unmatch accuracy and impressive efficiency we placed it in our list. Obviously everyone wants accuracy the most from a multimeter. Because results are the main goal in troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. It,s also so much economical in price, available at unbelieveable price range.

When compare to digital multimeters analog multimeters may have less features and characteristics but they are more sturdier hence logetive. Analog multimeters are simple to operate and have easy user friendly operation process. Just like in this meter colored range helps to differentiate between different parameters and their range. If you are a newbie, university student or electric enthusiast it,s a piece of cake for you to run this multimeter.

Key features

  1. It,s a manual range multimeter, ranges can be select through rotory dial switch.
  2. Zero ohm adjustment is pointed on dial to bring back pointer to zero position before measuring resistance of any object.
  3. Color coded display which includes ac readings in red color, dc in black and resistance readings in green color.
  4. Battery test with health indications, good in green color means battery is ok and replace indication in red color means battery has some serious issue and has to replace immediately.
  5. Fuse Overload protection circuit included in multimeter.
  6. Smaller in size, it can idealy fit into your work uniform,s pocket. You can easily take it with you anywehere without carry bags or tool bags.
  7. AC/DC 300V, 150 m.A DC , Resistance 1 mega ohm , -20 to +56dB decibels , Fuse 250 mA , Continuity test

Things we like

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Inexpensive
  • Pocket sized
  • Overload protections
  • Hefty buit material

Things we don,t like

  • Require batteries
  • Only mili amps range of dc current
  • No ac amperes test

5. Hioki 3030-10 Analog Tester

best analog multimeter

This hioki 3030-10 is our one of the most liked electrical tester. We like its professionaly built outer design with elegant inner structure. It,s an average sensing multimeter which means you,ll get acurate readings while testing linear loads like induction motor, elevator , electric lamp and other applications with undistorted waveform.

One speciality of this unique multimeter is that you can check temperature through it. You may find temperature feature in many digital multimeters but its hard to find an analog multimeter with this facility. Unfortunately thermistor probe which is required to perform temperature not comes with package, you had to buy it seperately.

Key features

  1. Manual ranging meter, which means range has to be set first before conducting any test.
  2. Meets international IEC Safety standard 61010 .
  3. Could be used at CAT 3 600V applications.
  4. Comes with standard quality detachable test leads set.
  5. Temperature test could be done with help of optional thermistor probe.
  6. It can bear 1 meter fall on concrete or hardwood surface without major loss.
  7. Battery test is available upto 1.5v batteries.
  8. Transient voltage protection with fuse.
  9. AC/DC 600V , DC 300 milliamps , R 3 K-ohm , Temperature -20 to 150 celcuis

Things we like

  • CAT safety ratings
  • Comes with protective case
  • Temperature testing
  • Drop protections

Things we don,t like

  • A bit expensive
  • Can test dc amps only

6. Tekpower TP7244L 7-Function Analog Multitester

best analog multimeter

We must have to give credit to tekpower for providing us some newly shaped analog multimeters equipped with advance technologies and some add on features. It,s a true combination of classical technology and modern times luxury. This tekpower analog multimeter has 20 ranges and backlight to see readings at dark locations.

We really impressed by its outer structure, until you not know it you can,t believe that it,s an analog multitester. From all over it gives looks of digital multimeter. It has fuse and diode overload protections. Nicely designed colored display is simple to understand, also rotory dial has colorized arrangement of ranges so sone can comfortably select one from them.

Key features

  1. Built according to requirements by international safety standards like EN61010/IEC1010 .
  2. You can aslo use it for high tension loads like CAT II 600V . But never try it without proper training.
  3. Zero adjustment feature, to reverse previosuly checked to ohms to zero value before taking a new reading.
  4. Decibel value measurement to check transistor gain of electric circuits.
  5. Protected by strong case which anable it to survive environmental changes and give it extra durability.
  6. 500V AC/DC , 10 A DC , R 20 M ohm , Continuity , Decibel value

Things we like

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Backlight display
  • CAT Ratings
  • Body protection
  • Abs built material

Things we don,t like

  • No Ac amps reading

7. Triplett 3018 Analog Ohm Meter

best analog multimeter

In search or best analog multimeter we set a criteria to include products in this list. One of them was accuracy, because anyhow accuracy is most needed thing when we talk about best multimeters. Durability and safety features are also so important for survival or tools in rough and tough work environments. This triplet analog multimeter passed our criteria to get a place in this list of top analog multimeters.

It comes in small size with all functions that you can expect in a bench size VOM. It can fit into your uniform pocket or small carry bag easily and you can carry it anywhere without much effort. What we liked in it is its single selector switch, which is simple enough that a school kid can use it. You can turn selector switch to any range before conducting tests.

Its outer body seems heftier and solid, can withstand minor shocks and mishandling.

Key features

  1. Diode protections against accidental overloads which can damage meter movements.
  2. High impact Protective case make it drop resistant, also save it from weather effects.
  3. Single selector system, which means you can siwtch to any range by switching from rotory selector only.
  4. Comes with 18 ranges and functions, high capacity to read voltage also.
  5. Comes with test leads, alligator clips and batteries. Alligator clips make sure firm contact of leads to circuit, so no possibility of errors due to loose connections.
  6. Separate lead sockets for ac, dc voltage and ohms.
  7. Available with optional nist certificate.
  8. 1200V AC/DC , 0.6A DC , R 20 M ohm

Things we like

  • Overload protective
  • Carry case with meter
  • High voltage reading
  • Pocket sized

Things we don,t like

  • No ac current reading
  • Dc current range is too low

8. Gardner Bender GMT-318 Analog Multimeter

best analog multimeter

To avoid fatal incidents regular monitoring and maintenance of electric devices and circuits has vital importance. For that purpose multimeters are extremely needed tool. You can check circuit breakers, wall outlet supplies, oven amps, battery health and many other features to avoid any loss. Specialy in industries they develop maintenance departments to maintain machinery.

This gardner bender best analog multimeter is capable of measuring 6 functions in 14 ranges. You can test ac/dc voltage , dc amps , resistance, battery, decibel value etc. Separate sockets are present with rating and relevant function marking for your ease. You can adjust leads according to parameter being measured. Like in analog multimeters it also has color coded display.

Key features

  1. Manual range multimeter, ranges are indicated along rotory switch with colored indications. You may set range according to parameter magnitude.
  2. Built in fuse overload protection circuitry which is agency approved.
  3. Mirror scale is provided to reduce risk of parallax errors, so you can get actual readings and not get deviated by view angle.
  4. Transistor gain readings of electronic circuits in decibel unit.
  5. Zero ohm adjustment dial to set resistance zero before any testing, also to do internal battery test.
  6. Battery test could be performed to check overall battery health.
  7. Certified and build according to standards of ETL cETL and CE .
  8. Manual is provided in three different languages, so one can understand easily in his native language.
  9. Suitable to use for heavy installations I.e CATII 500V .
  10. AC/DC 500V , 250 mA DC , R 50K , -20 to +56dB (ACV) , 250 Ma fuse

Things we like

  • 1 Year warranty
  • CAT ratings
  • Mirror scale included
  • Color coded display
  • Accurate Easy to use

Things we don,t like

  • Batteries not in package

9. Elenco M105 15 Range Analog Vom Meter

best analog multimeter

This elenco analog multimeter is just equal to size of an old fashioned mobile phone. Equipped with all essential functions it can surprise you with its responsivenes and accuracy. Display has colored ac and dc reading range so one can differentiate easily. If we talk about body, it has compact outer which make sure that it will not suddenly break due to vibrations or low hieght falls.

It,s available at reasonably lower price. But here low price not means lower in quality, you certainly have experience of some cheap analog meters who are total loss to time and money.

Alongwith other basic functions, you can check battery health through this best analog multimeter. Battery health can be checked by graph in display, with red and green portions. If needle placed in green area that means battery is in good condition no need to worry. But if needle comes to red portion that will indicate some serious issue and battery has to be replace quickly.

Key features

  1. Comes with 15 ranges, arrayed across dial switch through colored markings.
  2. Colorized display with detail illustration for easy understanding.
  3. Have safety ratings of free usuage at heavy installations I.e CAT 2 300V.
  4. Battery examination ability from 1.5v to 9v.
  5. Test leads, manual and batteries are included in package.
  6. Only 1 AA battery is required to power it. It,s quite good unlike other meters which have complex battery compartments.
  7. 1000V AC/DC , 250 m.A DC , Battery 9v , 10k ohms

Things we like

  • Safety ratings
  • Compact multimeter
  • Battery tester
  • Accurate
  • Hefty structure

Things we don,t like

  • Ohms range is too low
  • No ac amp facility

10. Em7000 Sanwa Analog Multimeter

best analog multimeter

The most common issue of conventional tools is they come with less number of functions. Range of measuring parameters is also much lower then in digital ones. But this sanwa best analog multimeter has ability to change your mind in this aspect. It,s a classicaly built analog multimeter with advance level functionalities. Whether its high voltage readings or ac/dc amps measurements it will not dissapoint you.

We liked its slim body and gorgeous design. Colored display helps in differentiating needle position while testing different functions. Meter has compact body, so no need of worry for minor falls or shocks. Ranges are feasibly described by colored marking across rortory wheel, so you can easily switch range of your choice. You can also test fet transistor by this sanwa analog multimeter.

Key features

  1. Manual range accurate analog multimeter, for voltage, current and resistance.
  2. Colorized display, where ac,dc and ohm readings are indicated by red, blue and black color markings.
  3. Leads are feasible to use at high load systems like CAT III 600V and Cat II 1000V.
  4. Comes with a built in Fet tester, which means you can test field effect transistor by this amazing analog multimeter for electricians.
  5. Separate lead sockets for testing makes it easier for use by newbies or electronic trainees. So they can understand the process conviniently.
  6. Mirror scale included to prevent parallax errors.
  7. 1000V DC, AC 750V , 150mA(DC) , 6 A AC , R 20 M ohm

Things we like

  • High voltage testing
  • Ac amps measurement
  • Fet tester
  • CAT rated leads
  • Batteries included

Things we don,t like

  • A bit expensive

Best Analog Multimeters Buyer,s Guide

If you are here at this stage of blog, it means you are really intrested in buying a best analog multimeter but still has some queries. We also expects you here to know more about anaolog multimeters and their use. If you are,nt yet clear about what analog multimeter you should buy don,t worry we are here to guide you. In this guide we will cover all aspects and characteristics of best multimeters with respect to all technical fields.

We want to clear one thing here that a one multimeter could not adjust in all fields or applications. First of all one should focus on if functions of a multimeter matched to his requirements or not. For example an expensive multimeter equipped with all next level features is only a trash for electronics beginners. Similarly in industrial use, simple meters can,t fulfil the needs.

Below are some important points to consider before making an analog multimeter purchase.


After accuracy a multimeter,s functions are most important factor according to us. Carefully read all features like ac/dc voltage and current and resistance ranges in anlog multimeter. If you are specially buying it for your batteries then meter should must have battery health indication function. As we described earlier many analog meters has battery health status indication on its display. You may check simply by connecting leads to positive and negative terminals, rest will do the meter.

Similarly if you are keen to have pinpoint accurate readings you should select multimeter with mirrored scale, that will eradicate parallax error risk. Zero ohm adjustment and transistor testing are also offered by some best analog multimeters. Now its up to you what you want?

Accurate results

Accuracy is a most demanding thing by electricians and mechanics. False or deviated readings can lead to unlimited loss which no one wants to bear. Select a multimeter with highest possible accuracy. For that purpose read reviews and ratings. We select only those meters in this list which are good at giving actual results.

Safety and certifications

Don,t ever forget about safety. As electrical workers we have to work in danger zones all the time. But as a common saying “every problem has a solution” taking safety measurements can save us from any fatal incident.

A best analog multimeter should have proper overload fuse protections. They should build according to terms and conditions of international authorities like IEC and others. Body protections like drop protection, outer shields and insulation are also worthy features.

Analog vs Digital Multimeters

It,s a long debate and will not end sooner. As everyone know before digital revolution in early 1940,s analog meters was only way to do electric troubleshooting. You can asses importance of analog technologies as we are disscusing it in these times when world is entering in new era of science.

Now question here is what are the main differences between digital and analog multimeters. And for what reasons we should prefer analog over digital or vice versa. Answer is simple, digital multimeters have some preceptories over analog meters. Like DMM has more convinient and quick result showing system, more controls like data holding, record keeping etc. Digital ones also has more number of features like capacitance, duty cycle , frequency and temperature testing.

While analog multimeters has one and the most important benefit over digital ones which is ultimate accuracy. Digital multimeters may have some errors or false readings sometimes but analog comes with much less error ratio. Obviously analog multimeters have another plus point of their lower cost. They are available at much less price then their digital companions.

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