How to test an alternator with Multimeter

How to test an alternator with multimeter

Alternator is actually a generator which converts mechanical energy into electrical one. In cars we could found it near engines. Its main purpose is to charge battery all the time when vehicle is in running state for stability of battery voltage. In case of malfunctioning of this device car’s battery may goes out of charge, … Read more

How to Use a Multimeter on a

how to use a multimeter on a car

Modern cars and vehicles are equipped with lots of electric circuitry due to addition of more automated systems with time. Now with passage of time automative industry has grown rapidly, electric cars are changing our previous gasoline engine concepts. Even we,ll see flying cars soon with general traffic on roads. So after these advancements now … Read more

Analog Vs Digital Multimeters-A Quick Comparison

Analog Vs Digital Multimeters

As their names are suggesting, analog and digital multimeters are differentiated by technology matters. In analog there,s a pointer with parameter scales, where pointer deflection during test tells about readings. On other hand digital multimeters have digital lcd display, they give results in numbers. Digital meters also have some extra functions then analog ones. For … Read more

Testing Electric Equipments with Multimeters-A Complete Guide

Testing electric equipments with multimeter

Beside its important electricity parameters multimeters can also help you to find issue with electric equipments like capacitors, circuit breakers , relays, fuses and many more. Obviously you,ll need some trainings and safety guidance before doing these things but here we,ll guide you for some basic check ups. By learning some basics of multimeter you … Read more